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study of science and its branches pdf

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What Is Biology? Biology is the study of life and living organisms.

Science is a systematic study of the nature and manners of an object and the natural universe that is established around measurement, experiment, observation and formulation of laws. There are four major branches of science; each branch is categorized in different type of subjects that covers different areas of studies such us chemistry, physics, math, astronomy etc. The four major branches of science are, Mathematics and logic, biological science, physical science and social science. Mathematics and logic deals with abstract concepts. It goes hand in hand as both are needed in relation to finding out how social sciences and natural sciences work.

Index of branches of science

The study of living organisms, their origin, anatomy, morphology, physiology, behavior, and distribution is called biology. When it comes to biology, the earth is the only planet where life is known to exist and over 8. Biology is composed of many branches through which the scope of biology is completely broadened from the past few years with the unifying concepts that govern all study and research.

In this article, we are going to read about biology and its different branches to excel in the biological and general knowledge section.

Biology is the science that studies various living organisms. A living organism could be a one-celled bacteria or a several-celled organism such as an animal or a plant. Biological science is classified into various branches, depending upon the organisms to be studied, and is a vast field.

It is composed of many branches through which the scope of biology is broadened with the unifying concepts that govern all study and research which is consolidated into a single and coherent field. Biology is not limited to one or two different branches but there are several aspects through various Sub-disciplines or branches. Here is the complete list of specific branches of biology that are very useful to understand various phenomena related to life and are equally important from an exam perspective.

It is the branch of science or biology that deals with the study of plants. Botany also includes the study of plant-like organisms such as algae, ferns, mosses along the actual plant.

Zoology- Zoology is the branch or division of biology that deals with the study of animal physiology, their behavior, and their interactions with other species in the environment. It is also known as animal biology. Zoology is famous for exploring new areas other than the animal kingdom and ecosystem.

Further division of zoology is as follows — Soil zoology, Herpetology, Entomology, Ornithology, Animal physiology, Mammalogy, Behavioral ecology, Comparative anatomy. It is the branch or division of biological science that deals with the study of the body structure of various living organisms as revealed by dissection. It is important in the field of the life science sector.

Further division of anatomy are Human Anatomy, Plant anatomy also called as phytotomy Animal anatomy also called as zootomy. Physiology- Physiology is the branch of biology that deals with the study of characteristics and mechanisms of the human body. This section of biology basically involves all the study, which is related to the Endocrine System, the Nervous System, the Immune system, and the blood cell of the human body.

Biotechnology — Biotechnology is the branch of science or is a biological science that is a wide discipline that basically deals with the exploitation of living organisms involving the use of technology. It generally involves the study of vaccines, enzymes, etc.

Its purpose is to create new techniques for sustainable development. Ecology- Ecology is the branch of biological science that deals with the study of organism, environment, and how these two interact with each other. This branch of science includes human science, population, community, ecosystem, and biosphere. The only aim of this branch is to improve the understanding of life processes, adaptation, and biodiversity of organisms.

Further branches of ecology are — Global ecology, Landscape ecology, Ecosystem ecology, Community ecology, Population ecology, Molecular ecology. Immunology- Immunology is the branch that deals with the study of the immune system involving the cell-mediated, humoral aspects of immunity, and immune response.

This branch aims to deal with the Inheritance, the procedure by which characteristics are handed down from one generation to the other. Microbiology- Microorganisms are an essential part of the environment, human health, and economy. Microbiology is the branch of biological sciences that deals with the study of living organisms that are invisible to the naked eye like bacteria, fungi, and other microscopic organisms.

These microorganisms affect animals, the environment, the complete food supply, and health care as well.

Besides all these branches or divisions of biological science, there are some other important branches that you need to know to increase your general knowledge section before the exam. Biology is the science that studies living organisms. However, as a science, it has multiple branches that intend to study issues such as evolution, nutrition, morphogenesis, reproduction etc.

There are a total of seven fields from which each branch hangs. Fields such as animal, evolutionary, medical, environmental, microscopic structure, chemistry-related and other miscellaneous issues. There are many other Branches of Biology but the above-mentioned list is sufficient from the examination point of view. We hope you like the article on Branches of Biology. If you have any query, feel free to comment below, we will get to you soon. For more information on general science questions, you can download the Testbook App.

You can also check our Testbook Exam Platform for better preparation platform and offers from Testbook. So start practicing as many questions as you can visit the link given below to start immediately! Practice Questions for govt. Sign Up for Free Create free Account? Sign In. Open in App Create free Account. Search for:. Sign Up. Get Pass Pass. UP Police. AAI JE. Bihar Police. Branches of Biology Definition Agrostology It is the scientific study of the grasses Agrology Soil science dealing especially with production of the crop Agronomy Science of soil management and production of the crop Allometry Study of the relationship of body size to shape, anatomy, physiology and finally behavior.

Anthology Study of flowers Anatomy It is a branch of biology which deals with the study of internal structure of an organism as revealed by dissection.

Aphidology Study of Aphids Plant Lice Archaeobiology Study of the biology of ancient times through archaeological materials. Anthropology The science of man and mankind including his physical and mental constitution, cultural development and social conditions of present and past is called anthropology.

Agriology Study of customs of primitive man. Arthrology Study of joints. Aerobiology Study of flying organisms in relation with other flying objects Biocybernetics Application of Cybernetics to Biological Sciences. Bacteriology Study of bacteria.

Biophysics Study of physical aspects of living systems. Biochemistry Study of chemicals constituting the body and chemical reactions. Biotechnology Utilization of living organisms in Industrial Processes Biogeography Study of the geographic distributions of living organisms. Cell Biology Study of structure, functions, reproduction, and life cycle of cells. Chronobiology Study of time-dependent phenomena in living organisms.

Ctetology Study of acquired characters of organisms. Craniology Study of skulls Cryobiology Study of the effects of low temperatures on living organisms. Cytology Study of the detailed structure of cells. Cardiology Study of heart and its functioning. Dendrology Study of shrubs and trees. Ecology Study of relationships between organism and environment. Eidonomy Study of the external appearance of an organism.

Endocrinology Study of ductless glands and their hormones Ethology Study of behavior of animals Ethno biology Study of the way plants and animals are treated or used by different human cultures. Evolution Study of origin of life, variation and formation of new species. Etiology Study of the causative agent of disease. Entomology Study of the life history of insects.

Eugenics Study of science dealing with factors which improve successive generations of the human race Euthenics Science deals with the improvement of future of humanity by changing environment. Euphenics Treatment of defective in heredity through genetic engineering. Enzymology Study of enzymes Embryology Study of development of embryo and its growth and repair. Exobiology Study of the possibility of life in space. Esthesiology Scientific study of sensation.

Floriculture Cultivation of flower yielding plants. Forensic Biology Application of Biology to law enforcement. Fermentation Process of incomplete oxidation that occur in microbes and other cells in absence of oxygen, leading to the formation of ethyl alcohol.

Forestry Development and management of forest. Food technology Scientific processing, preservation, storage and transportation of food. Fishery Catching, breeding, rearing and marketing of fishes. Forensic science Application of science for identification of various facts of civilian. Genetics Study of heredity and variations. Growth Permanent increase in weight, volume and size of an organism. Genetic Engineering Manipulation of gene in order to improve the organism.

Gerontology Study of the social, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging. Gynecology Study of the female reproductive organ. Gastroenterology Study of alimentary canal or stomach, intestine and their disease.

Hepatology Study of Liver Hygiene Science taking care of health Helminthology Study of parasitic worms Hydroponics Study of growing plant without soil in water which contain nutrient Hypotonic In two solutions which have lower solute concentration is called hypotonic.

Herpatology Study of reptiles Hydrobiology Science of life and life processes in water. Immunology Study of natural or acquired resistance to specific diseases.

List of All Branches of Biology for SSC & Railway Exams- GK Notes in PDF

Science from Latin scientia , meaning "knowledge" is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Modern science is typically divided into three major branches that consist of the natural sciences e. There is disagreement, however, on the formal sciences being a science as they do not rely on empirical evidence. Disciplines that use science, such as engineering and medicine, are described as applied sciences. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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study of science and its branches pdf

Geogeny – science of the formation of the earth's crust. • Geogony – study of formation of the earth. • Geography – study of surface of the earth and its inhabitants.

Complete List of All Branches of Biology for SSC & Banking Exams- GK Notes in PDF!

The science which deals with the study of living objects and their life processes is called biology Greek words, bios — life, logos — study. It covers all aspect of the study of living creatures like occurrence, classification, ecology, economic importance, external form, organization, internal structure, nutrition, health and other body functions, reproduction, life history, inheritance and origin. Being broad — based and multi- disciplinary, the term biology is often replaced by the term life sciences or biological sciences. The term biology was coined by Lamarck. There are three major branches of biology — botany, zoology and microbiology.

Branches of Science

Search for:. Branches of Science. Learning Objective In this lesson we will learn about the five branches of science that are studied in high school.

Branches of science

Earth science is made of many branches of knowledge concerning all aspects of the Earth system. The main branches are geology, meteorology, climatology, oceanography, and environmental science. Astronomy uses principles understood from Earth to learn about the solar system, galaxy, and universe. Only recently have humans begun to understand the complexity of our planet Earth.

Home About Wiki Tools Contacts. Modern genetics has differed a lot from classical genetics, and to its credit has gone through certain areas of study that comprise more specific objectives related to other spaces of science. However, there are still many smaller branches of science that deal with the Earth or interact greatly with Earth sciences. JUDAN 2. It is a major branch of science that deals with human society and the relationships of humans in a society. Science can be broken down into three main branches: physical science, life science, and earth science. Branches of Physical Science There are three major branches of science.

The study of living organisms, their origin, anatomy, morphology, physiology, behavior, and distribution is called biology. When it comes to biology, the earth is the only planet where life is known to exist and over 8. Biology is composed of many branches through which the scope of biology is completely broadened from the past few years with the unifying concepts that govern all study and research. In this article, we are going to read about biology and its different branches to excel in the biological and general knowledge section. Biology is the science that studies various living organisms.

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