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The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See details for additional description.

Looking for a full map? Dungeon Room Generator. Updated Rules 2.

Monster Vault.pdf

This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of Wizards of the Coast LLC.

Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events included herein is purely coincidental. Printed in China. Visit our website at www. They beat down the doors. They wrap their slimy tentacles around you and drag you down into a hole.

They come with fire, axes, spells, and teeth. You can use this book as a and villains to throw at the reference when running published adventures or as a tool when designing heroes. You can use this your own encounters. Most monster entries in this book book as a reference or as begin with a two-page spread consist- a tool.

Following the illustration and lore is a series of monster statistics blocks repre- senting different varieties of a type of monster. You might also mix and match monsters as appropriate for your campaign or adventure. This section describes the typical components of a statistics block. Many others are descriptions applied to the monster, often by its victims. Monster roles are artil- lery, brute, controller, lurker, skirmisher, and soldier.

A monster might have a second role: elite, solo, or minion. Elite monsters and solo monsters are tougher than standard monsters, and minions are weaker. For the purpose of encounter building, an elite monster counts as two standard monsters of its level, a solo monster counts as five, and four to six minions count as one—four at heroic tier levels 1—10 , five at paragon tier levels 11—20 , and six at epic tier levels 21— In addition, a monster might have the leader subrole, indicating that it grants some sort of boon to its allies, such as a beneficial aura.

A creature might have a greater reach depending on the characteristics of its body. Space: This is the area measured in squares that a creature occupies on the battle grid. Reach: Typically, the reach of a creature using a melee attack power is the same as the range entry of that power. A creature that has a melee attack with a range of 0 must occupy at least 1 square of the space of its target to make the attack.

See the glossary for information about each origin. See the glossary for informa- tion about each type. These keywords represent groups of monsters, such as demon, devil, dragon, and undead. See the glossary for information about monster keywords. XP Value The experience point award for defeating this creature is given beneath its level and role.

Senses Some monsters have special senses, such as darkvision or tremorsense. Special modes of move- ment are defined in the glossary. If a monster is immune to a condition or another effect such as the dazed condition or forced movement , it is unaffected by that condition or effect.

If a monster is immune to charm, fear, illusion, poison, or sleep, it is unaf- fected by the nondamaging effects of a power that has that keyword. Immunity to one part of a power does not make a monster immune to other parts of the power. For example, a thunder power deals no thunder damage to a creature that is immune to thunder, but the power could still push the creature.

Resist Resistance means a creature takes less damage from a specific damage type. For example, if a creature has resist 5 fire, the creature takes 5 less fire damage whenever it takes that type of damage. For example, if a creature has resist 10 lightning and resist 5 thunder and an attack deals 15 lightning and thunder damage to it, the creature takes 10 damage, for the resistance to the combined damage types is limited by the lesser of the two resistances. Not Cumulative: Resistances against the same damage type are not cumulative.

Only the highest resistance applies. For example, if a creature has resist 5 cold and gains resist 10 cold, the creature has resist 10 cold, not resist 15 cold. Vulnerable Being vulnerable to a damage type means a creature takes extra damage from that damage type. For example, if a creature has vulnerable 5 fire, the creature takes 5 extra fire damage whenever it takes that type of damage.

Against Combined Damage Types: Vulnerability to a specific damage type applies even when that damage type is combined with another. For example, if a creature has vulnerable 5 fire, the creature takes 5 extra damage when it takes ongoing fire and radiant damage. Not Cumulative: Vulnerabilities to the same damage type are not cumula- tive.

Only the highest vulnerability applies. For example, if a creature has vulnerable 5 psychic and then gains vulnerable 10 psychic, the creature has vulnerable 10 psychic, not vulnerable 15 psychic.

Saving Throws Some monsters have bonuses to saving throws. A monster adds its bonuses to its saving throw result to see if an effect ends. Unlike characters, a monster can spend more than 1 action point in an encounter, but only 1 per round.

Traits The Traits section includes characteristics of the creature that are not powers. Many traits are always in effect, such as regeneration or the ability to deal extra damage on certain attacks. Aura An aura power creates an aura, which is a continuous effect that emanates from a creature. Unless noted otherwise, an aura uses the following rules. Fills an Area: The aura fills each square that is both within a specified range of the creature and within line of effect of it.

An aura 1 affects each square adjacent to the creature, for example. A creature is normally unaffected by its own aura. Unaffected by the Environment: The aura is unaffected by environmen- tal phenomena and terrain, although blocking terrain blocks an aura. For instance, an aura of fire is unaffected by an area of extreme cold.

Overlapping Auras: If auras overlap and impose penalties to the same roll or game statistic, a creature affected by the overlapping auras is subjected to the worst penalty; the penalties are not cumulative. For instance, if a creature is affected by three overlapping auras that each impose a —2 penalty to attack rolls, the creature takes a —2 penalty, not a —6 penalty. Deactivating an Aura: A creature can take a minor action to deactivate or reac- tivate one of its auras.

Usage A monster power is usable at will, once per encounter or rarely once per day , or it recharges in certain circumstances. If the roll is one of the die results shown in the power description, the monster regains the use of that power.

The power also recharges after a short rest. Requirement Some powers have a precondition that must be met for a monster to use the power. Attack A monster power that has an attack roll is usually an attack power. The types are melee, ranged, area, and close. Each type has rules for range and targeting, detailed in the Rules Compendium. Targets In parentheses after the attack type and range is information that describes which or how many creatures a power targets. See the Rules Compendium for more about sustaining powers.

Aftereffect An aftereffect automatically occurs after another effect ends. A target is sometimes subjected to an aftereffect after a save. If that save occurs when the target is rolling multiple saving throws, the aftereffect takes effect after the target has rolled all of them.

Failed Saving Throw Sometimes an effect changes as a target fails saving throws against it. Special Any unusual information about the use of a power appears in this entry. Triggered Actions This section contains powers that have triggers.

Trigger A trigger defines when a monster is able to use a power. The type might be an immediate reaction, an immediate interrupt, an opportunity action, or a free action. Some powers require no action to use; they simply occur in response to a trigger.

The Rules Com- pendium contains information on the various alignments. Languages This entry gives the languages that a monster can speak and understand. An individual monster might know additional languages, such as Common or the languages of its companions.

A monster might carry equipment that is not noted here. Equipment that is unimportant to a monster is left for the Dungeon Master to decide. A character does not gain the powers that a monster uses through a piece of equipment. A piece of equipment that player characters use does not necessarily have the same properties for monsters.

For example, a greataxe has the high crit property, but a monster using the item does not benefit from the property unless otherwise noted in its statistics. Healing Surges Monsters have healing surges.

However, few monsters have powers that let them spend healing surges. The number of healing surges a monster has is based on its level: 1—10, one healing surge; 11—20, two healing surges; 21 or higher, three healing surges. Yet angels can do more than deliver the miracles of the gods. They are destroyers, too, and the appearance of an angel is a harbinger of woe as often as it is a sign of hope.

As manifestations of divine will, angels involve themselves in mortal concerns far more often than do deities or exarchs. Angels act both openly and secretly, serving as emissaries, generals, or assassins. Although one ordinary mortal in ten thousand might count himself lucky to have his life touched by an angel, those who intrude into the affairs of the gods can expect to meet dozens of angels— most likely on the field of battle.

Offspring of the Astral Eternity: Angels serve the gods, leading some people to believe that they were created by the gods. Angels are made of the to Bahamut.

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For more than a century Elaria Feywing, known to many as The Master, mentored young adventurers in combat, exploration, and magic. She took only a handful of these pupils every year. Her favorite group of disciples was also her last and most recent Created by Shadow of the Demon Lord Starting Adventures 1. All rights reserved.

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This material Is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the iii. Printed In China.

This material Is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the iii. Printed In China.

Embed Size px x x x x Monster Statistics Blocks Phantom Brigade In this book, you'll find a codex of monsters and villains to throw at the heroes as they explore every nook and cranny of the Nentir Vale or, by extension, your home campaign setting. Most of the entries mention locales within the vale, but if your campaign uses a different set-ting, you can easily adapt the story material to suit your needs.

Bart Carroll, Producer at Wizards of the Coast, wrote: "In this book, youll find a codex of monsters and villains to throw at the heroes as they explore every nook and cranny of the Nentir Vale or, by extension, your home campaign setting". This page book contains statistics, tactics and knowledge for the new monsters of the Nentir valley. The book is in soft cover and came out with eight "die-leaves card monster and villain tokens and a double-sided tactical map in four different meeting places".

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D&D Essentials - Monster Vault

Сьюзан посмотрела на. Сидя рядом с великим Тревором Стратмором, она невольно почувствовала, что страхи ее покинули.


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