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mechanical aptitude questions and answers pdf

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Mechanical reasoning tests measure your knowledge of mechanical and physical concepts. They do not measure your underlying mechanical aptitude in the same way that abstract reasoning questions measure your underlying intellectual ability. For example, you could sit an abstract reasoning test without having seen one before and still get a reasonable score.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Find out more here. Accept cookies. Free psychological tests 1,, taken last month. A mechanical reasoning test is a fundamental part of assessments for jobs that require mechanical comprehension.

Mechanical Comprehension Test

Mechanical reasoning tests measure your knowledge of mechanical and physical concepts. They do not measure your underlying mechanical aptitude in the same way that abstract reasoning questions measure your underlying intellectual ability. For example, you could sit an abstract reasoning test without having seen one before and still get a reasonable score.

The same is not true of mechanical reasoning, where your score will depend significantly on your knowledge of:. You may have come across many of these topics in elementary science and the questions will seem fairly straightforward. If elementary science classes seem like a long time ago, then you'll need to refresh your memory.

This article also covers fault diagnosis questions which are used to select personnel for technical roles where they need to be able to find and repair faults in electronic control systems. The questions in fault diagnosis tests appear rather abstract and require pure logic to solve. This is because when a fault develops in an electronically controlled system, there is often no physical clue as to the cause.

In the absence of such a clue, for example, an obviously burned-out component, the only way to diagnose the problem is by a process of logical elimination. To help you get an idea of what a mechanical reasoning test involves, here is a practice test to get you started. Credit: Psychometric Success. Take Another Test. Mechanical reasoning questions vary widely in difficulty from test to test. If you are taking a mechanical reasoning test as part of the selection process for the emergency services or the military, then the questions will tend to concentrate on principles rather than on making calculations.

For example, you may be shown three diagrams of a lever and asked which one is the most efficient. If, however, you are taking a test for a craft or technical job, you may be expected to calculate the actual force required to move a particular lever.

In this case, knowing the principle is not enough; you need to know the formula. You may also be asked some questions about tools and how they are used. If you are taking a test as part of the selection for a craft or apprenticeship job, you should also expect some basic arithmetic questions.

These questions approximate the type of reasoning and maths that are needed to estimate materials costs, etc. One final point: many of the questions in mechanical reasoning tests are industry-specific. For example, tests used by the fire service will tend to frame questions in terms of firefighting, whereas tests used to select for an aircraft maintenance job would tend to frame the questions in aviation industry terms.

It is the substance of the question that is important — the scenario is incidental. Mechanical reasoning tests are designed to assess your knowledge of physical and mechanical principles. Questions are in the form of a question and a diagram, and you will need to determine which mechanical principle is being illustrated.

No specialist knowledge is required to answer these questions, only an understanding of basic mechanical and physical principles. Mechanical reasoning tests are used to select for a wide range of jobs including the military, police force and fire service, as well as various engineering occupations. These tests are usually of 20—30 minutes duration and contain 20—30 questions that concentrate on the following:. A lever consists of a bar that pivots at a fixed point known as the fulcrum.

In the example shown, the fulcrum is at the centre of the lever. This lever provides no mechanical advantage and the force needed to lift the weight is equal to the weight itself. However, if you want to lift a weight that is heavier than the force applied you can move the fulcrum closer to the weight to be lifted. In this example, the fulcrum has been moved towards the weight, so that the weight is one metre from the fulcrum. This means that the force can now be applied two metres from the fulcrum.

If you needed to calculate the force needed to lift the weight then you can rearrange the formula:. Answer: C — 60 lbs is needed to lift the weight. It can be calculated like this:. In practice, levers are used to reduce the force needed to move an object — in other words, to make the task easier. However, in mechanical aptitude questions, you may see questions where the fulcrum has been placed closer to the force than the weight.

This will mean that a force greater than the weight will be required to lift it. You may see more complex questions involving levers. For example, there may be more than one weight. In this case, you need to work out the force required to lift each weight independently and then add them together to get the total force required.

The pulleys used in this type of question consist of a grooved wheel and a block that holds it. A rope runs in the groove around the wheel and one end will be attached to either:. Answer: B — Weight B requires a force equal to 5 kg, whereas A requires a force equal to 10 kg. Single pulley questions are relatively straightforward.

If the pulley is fixed then the force required is equal to the weight. If the pulley moves with the weight then the force is equal to half of the weight. Another way of thinking about this is to divide the weight by the number of sections of rope supporting it, to obtain the force needed to lift it. There are two possible ways that two pulleys can be used. Either one pulley can be attached to the weight or neither of them can be. Answer: A — Weight A requires a force equal to 5 kg, whereas weight B requires a force equal to 10 kg.

Remember to divide the weight by the number of sections of rope supporting it, to get the force needed to lift the weight. Answer: C — The weight is kg and there are six sections of rope supporting it.

Divide by 6 to get 50 kg. In all cases, just divide the weight by the number of sections of rope supporting it to get the force needed to lift the weight. A gear is a toothed wheel or cylinder that meshes with another toothed component to transmit motion or to change speed or direction.

Gears are attached to a rotating shaft turned by an external force, which is not usually illustrated in these types of question. Two gears may be connected by touching each other directly or using a chain or belt.

If gears are connected by a chain or belt then they move in the same direction. If the gears are touching meshed then adjacent gears move in opposite directions. In this example, the first and third gear will turn in the same direction. When there is an odd number of meshed gears, the last gear will always turn in the same direction as the first one. Meshed gears with an equal number of teeth will turn at the same speed. If they have an unequal number of teeth, then the gear with the fewest teeth will turn faster.

To work out how fast one is turning with respect to the other you need to count the teeth. A spring is a piece of wire or metal that can be extended or compressed by an external force, but which then returns to its original length when that force is no longer applied.

In the type of questions that you will be asked in mechanical aptitude tests , you can assume that springs behave in a linear way. That is, doubling the force applied will stretch or compress the spring twice as much.

If more than one spring is used then they can be arranged in one of two ways, either in series or in parallel. When springs are arranged in series, each spring is subjected to the force applied. When the springs are arranged in parallel, the force is divided equally between the springs. A force of 5 kg compresses the springs in series by 10 cm. What will be the total distance that the springs in parallel are compressed? Answer: C — The total force will be divided equally between the two springs in parallel.

Since the force is divided in half, the distance moved will also be halved. The springs in series were compressed by 10 cm, therefore the springs in parallel will be compressed by 5 cm. These diagrams are usually restricted to showing the power source, switches, loads typically bulbs and the path of the wiring. To answer these questions, you need a basic understanding of how electricity flows around a circuit.

B — Two switches need to be closed to complete a circuit D — All four bulbs will light up B — Only bulbs 3 and 4 will light up. If you are taking a test as part of the selection for a craft or apprenticeship job, then you may be asked some questions about tools and how they are used. If you feel that this applies to you, then you will need to make some effort to improve your knowledge of everyday tools.

You can do this by getting hold of a catalogue for a tool hire company and simply reading through it. Practice Now. These basic mathematical skills are an important aspect of mechanical ability. Making simple calculations based on the information provided and your knowledge of mechanical principles is part of these tests.

You will also need to be familiar with imperial units including inches, feet and yards. For example, you need to know that there are nine square feet in a square yard, something which surprises many people brought up using only metric units. Fault Diagnosis tests are used to select technical personnel who need to be able to find and repair faults in electronic and mechanical systems.

As modern equipment of all types becomes more dependent on electronic control systems and, arguably, more complex , the ability to approach problems logically to find the cause of the fault is increasingly important.

This type of test is used extensively to select technical and maintenance personnel, as well as to select for artificer technical roles within the armed forces. For example, an aircraft technician. This type of test usually forms part of a test battery in which verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning also feature.

No specialised knowledge is required to answer fault diagnosis questions unlike mechanical reasoning. Only when you are happy that you understand how these questions work should you attempt the practice tests.

Remember that the object is to work systematically through the questions and avoid mistakes. The first switch diamond symbol inverts inputs one and two.

Mechanical reasoning test

Here you can find Mechanical Engineering interview questions with answers and explanation. IndiaBIX provides you lots of fully solved Mechanical Engineering questions and answers with explanation. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Here you can find objective type Mechanical Engineering questions and answers for interview and entrance examination. Multiple choice and true or false type questions are also provided. You can easily solve all kind of questions based on Mechanical Engineering by practicing the exercises including shortcut methods to solve problems given below.

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Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

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Please try again in a few minutes. The advantages of online testing include immediate availability of results and the fact that the test can be taken at employment agency premises or even at home. Test Materials: Tests are typically taken on a computer, although some tests are done using pencil and paper. With which pulley system would it be easier to lift the load? This test intends to seek out individuals with good mechanical reasoning abilities and includes questions covering your mechanical aptitude, spatial visualization, application of physics and ability to deduce how things work. Scores on the MAT include the raw scores and percentile rank.

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Mechanical Aptitude Test Questions And Answers

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Mechanical Comprehension Test

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