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Presentation Before And After Pictures Led Retrofit Pdf

presentation before and after pictures led retrofit pdf

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Here are the top advantages of light emitting diode LED lighting technology.

T he information contained on this page is organized by category and the date in which it was posted. Note: Non-Public schools must obtain building perrmits or other approvals is required by local jurisdiction. We must ensure that if a district capital project is being partially or totally funded with ARRA funds, that the buy american provisions are included in the specifications prior to approval.

Retrofit Linguatronic

Cybertruck is designed to have the utility of a truck and the performance of a sports car. The vehicle is built to be durable, versatile and capable, with exceptional performance both on-road and off-road. Seating capacity: Up to six adults Charging: Can be charged at home, at Destination Charging locations, and with our network of more than 16, Superchargers, including on our newest V3 technology, which is helpful for long hauls and towing.

Visit our Design Studio to see available options and current delivery estimates. Model Y is an all-electric, mid-size SUV designed for maximum versatility and safety. Model Y is spacious enough to carry seven adults and their gear and offers leading range, superior performance, and the most advanced technology. The high-efficiency powertrain and ultra-responsive motors will provide mph acceleration in as little as 3.

Model Y Standard Battery will have miles of range, while Model Y Long Range will be able to travel up to miles on a single charge. Inside, Model Y's panoramic glass roof and high seating creates a feeling of spaciousness and offers an expansive view from every seat in the vehicle.

The front trunk and split-folding second-row seats provide a total of 66 cubic feet 1. Like Model 3, Model Y requires no keys, but instead connects to your smartphone for seamless entry and exit, with a single inch touchscreen interface inside for all of the car's controls. Model Y also connects with the Tesla Mobile app for unique, easy-to-access features like remote unlock, Summon, remote pre-conditioning, location tracking, Speed Limit Mode, and much more.

Model Y is designed to be the safest mid-size SUV. Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, the low center of gravity, rigid body structure and large crumple zones provide unparalleled protection. Its aerodynamic design and leading battery technology also make it highly-efficient in terms of energy usage, meaning you can achieve better range with less energy than other EVs on the market.

Model Y is also compatible with our current Supercharger network of more than 16, Superchargers in 36 countries, as well as our new V3 Superchargers which can charge at rates up to 1, miles per hour.

Please visit our Design Studio to see available options and current delivery estimates. The Tesla Semi will deliver a far better experience for truck drivers, while increasing safety and significantly reducing the cost of cargo transport. Without a trailer, the Tesla Semi achieves mph in five seconds, compared to 15 seconds in a comparable diesel truck. It does mph in 20 seconds with a full 80,pound load, a task that takes a diesel truck about a minute. Overall, the Semi is more responsive, covers more miles than a diesel truck in the same amount of time, and more safely integrates with passenger car traffic.

Two touchscreen displays positioned symmetrically on both sides of the driver provide easy access to navigation, blind spot monitoring and electronic data logging. Diesel trucks today currently require several third party devices for similar functionality. Megachargers, a new high-speed DC charging solution, will add about miles in 30 minutes and can be installed at origin or destination points and along heavily trafficked routes, enabling recharging during loading, unloading, and driver breaks.

Its windshield is made of impact resistant glass. Jackknifing is prevented due to the Semi's onboard sensors that detect instability and react with positive or negative torque to each wheel while independently actuating all brakes. The surround cameras aid object detection and minimize blind spots, automatically alerting the driver to safety hazards and obstacles.

Tesla Semi can also travel in a convoy, where one or several Semi trucks will be able to autonomously follow a lead Semi. With far fewer moving parts than a diesel truck — no engine, transmission, after-treatment system or differentials to upkeep — the Tesla Semi requires significantly less maintenance. Its battery is similar in composition to the batteries of Tesla energy products and is designed to support repeated charging cycles for over a million miles, while its motors are derived from the motors used in Model 3 and have been validated to last more than one million miles under the most demanding conditions.

All-in, the Tesla Semi delivers massive savings in energy costs, performance, efficiency and reliability. Model 3 is a smaller, simpler and a more affordable electric car. Intelligent design maximizes interior space to comfortably fit five adults and all of their gear. The high-efficiency powertrain provides zero to 60 mph acceleration in as little as 3. It is currently available for purchase on Tesla. Certain variants are available with Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive for superior performance and traction in any weather, and Model 3 Performance is also available for best-in-class acceleration.

Please visit our Design Studio to see available options. Much of its safety is owed to the unique electric drivetrain that sits beneath the car. The result is unparalleled traction control in all conditions. Reaching mph in a mere 2. Superior handling is the result of an extremely low center of gravity, thanks to the battery pack along the floor pan, centered between the axles.

No other production car has a more ideal placement of mass for optimal handling. Over-the-air software updates add functionality, enhance performance, and improve the driving experience of Tesla vehicles. The ability to receive these updates is free for the life of the vehicle.

It blends performance and utility with unique features including the falcon wing doors, canopy glass and seven-seat configuration. With less space needed to open than the sliding door of a minivan, the double hinged doors make loading a child in the backseat in tight parking spaces simple. Why should the driver ever need to touch the door? With a windshield that stretches up and over the two front seats, passengers can experience an open and modern feel with an expansive view ahead.

With a HEPA filter system, medical-grade air can fill the cabin, no matter what is going on outside. There are three modes: circulate with outside air, re-circulate inside air and a bioweapon defense mode that creates positive pressure inside the cabin to protect occupants.

Tesla vehicles are engineered to be the safest cars in the world and have a unique combination of passive and active safety features to protect both Tesla drivers and passengers.

Model S, Model X and Model 3 have all achieved a perfect 5-star safety rating in every category and subcategory in U. Model S and Model X also previously achieved the second and third lowest probabilities of injuries when tested by the U. A primary safety benefit of all Tesla cars, compared with gas-powered vehicles, comes from their all-electric vehicle architecture and powertrain design.

The battery pack in each of our vehicles is mounted beneath the floor of the passenger cabin, creating an exceptionally low center of gravity that dramatically reduces rollover risk. The pack is fortified to prevent intrusion into the cabin and, coupled with the car's rigid passenger compartment, helps distribute crash forces away from occupants in the event of a crash.

Every Tesla also has a superior front crumple zone that is optimized to absorb energy and crush more efficiently than most cars that have a gas engine in the front. Additionally, Tesla drivers and passengers also benefit from the many active safety features that come standard on Tesla vehicles to help reduce the likelihood of an accident. And, unlike other automakers, we regularly improve the safety and functionality of our cars through over-the-air software updates, which help ensure that Tesla owners have the latest safety technology regardless of when they purchased their car.

In fact, we've also introduced entirely new safety features, such as Obstacle Aware Acceleration, Lane Departure Avoidance, Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance and Speed Limit Mode, to customers for free through over-the-air software updates. Because the design of every vehicle on the road today is different, we provide first responders with detailed materials on how to act swiftly and effectively when encountering a Tesla that has been involved in a crash.

Additionally, we regularly meet with first responders to share our training materials, and participate in on-site trainings to support their efforts. At Tesla, we believe that technology can help improve safety. We believe that the unique combination of passive safety, active safety, and automated driving is crucial for keeping not just Tesla drivers and passengers safe, but all drivers on the road. Autopilot is an advanced driver assistance system that is classified as a Level 2 automated system according to SAE J, which is endorsed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This means Autopilot also helps with driver supervision. Autopilot is intended for use only with a fully attentive driver who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time. While Autopilot is designed to become more capable over time, in its current form, it is not a self-driving system, it does not turn a Tesla into an autonomous vehicle, and it does not allow the driver to abdicate responsibility. Autopilot includes a suite of features that drivers can use at their discretion to make driving safer and less stressful.

These include:. Active safety features come standard on all Tesla vehicles made after September for an added layer of safety beyond the physical structure of each car, and are made possible by our Autopilot hardware and software system, even for customers who have not purchased Autopilot. Drivers engage Traffic Aware Cruise Control and Autopilot in Model S and Model X by using the cruise control stalk on the left of the steering column; in Model 3, drivers use the gear selector stalk on the right of the steering column for those functions.

A single pull on the stalk engages Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, and two successive pulls engages Autosteer. The icon appears highlighted in blue once the driver engages Autosteer. The system is intended for highway use. Our advanced features like Autosteer, Navigate on Autopilot and Summon are disabled by default. We do this to ensure that those using the feature do so knowingly and deliberately.

To enable them, customers must go to the Autopilot Controls menu within the Settings tab and turn them on. When Autopilot is in use, it measures the amount of torque that the driver applies to the steering wheel and, if insufficient torque is applied, an escalating series of audible and visual alerts again reminds the driver to place their hands on the wheel.

This helps ensure the driver is attentive, and that the steering wheel is properly oriented in the event the driver needs to take over.

If the driver repeatedly ignores those warnings, they will be locked out from using Autopilot during that trip see alert. This is designed to prevent driver misuse and is among the strongest driver-misuse safeguards of any kind on the road today.

Additionally, if a driver tries to engage Autopilot when it is not available, they will be prevented from doing so. If a driver wants to initiate an automated lane change while Autopilot is use, they can simply engage the turn signal in the direction that they would like to move.

The car will then wait for an opening to change lanes, and during that time drivers should still double check their blind spots and mirrors. To use Navigate on Autopilot, a driver must first enable the feature in the Autopilot Controls menu within the Settings tab, and then enter a destination into the navigation system.

If Navigate on Autopilot is not available for a drive, the button will not appear on the turn-by-turn direction list. Once Navigate on Autopilot is in use, the degree visualization on the center display shows a single blue line indicating the path of travel. There are two types of lane changes while Navigate on Autopilot is in use: route-based lane changes which are designed to keep you on your navigation route, and speed-based lane changes, which are designed to keep your vehicle moving as close to your set speed as possible.

Enable at Start of Every Trip Navigate on Autopilot can be set to automatically turn on each time a driver enters a navigation route. Once enabled, anytime a driver is on a highway and uses Autopilot with a location plugged into the navigation bar, the feature will be on by default.

Lane Change Notification Drivers can elect to get notified about an upcoming lane change by receiving an audible chime as well as a default visual prompt. Additionally, all cars made after August will also have the option to have their steering wheel vibrate for the alert as well.

Then, a driver must put the car in reverse and press start, and Autopark will begin to maneuver the vehicle into the parking space by controlling the vehicle speed, gear changes and steering angle. To use Summon, a driver must open the Tesla app, press Summon, and then press the forward or reverse buttons. Cars built between September and October include one camera, a less-powerful radar, and ultrasonic sensors.

All Tesla vehicles built since October include eight external cameras that feed our Tesla-developed neural net, 12 ultrasonic sensors for detecting nearby obstacles, a forward-facing radar that senses through fog, dust, rain, snow, and under cars, and a powerful onboard computer that process these inputs in a matter of milliseconds.

Because every Tesla is connected, Tesla cars are able to get better over time with software updates and the introduction of new features through over-the-air updates. This is even more true with Autopilot as we continuously work to make the system even more capable and keep our customers at the forefront of technology.

The Importance of Architectural Lighting

A compact fluorescent lamp CFL , also called compact fluorescent light , energy-saving light and compact fluorescent tube , is a fluorescent lamp designed to replace an incandescent light bulb ; some types fit into light fixtures designed for incandescent bulbs. The lamps use a tube which is curved or folded to fit into the space of an incandescent bulb, and a compact electronic ballast in the base of the lamp. Compared to general-service incandescent lamps giving the same amount of visible light , CFLs use one-fifth to one-third the electric power, and last eight to fifteen times longer. A CFL has a higher purchase price than an incandescent lamp, but can save over five times its purchase price in electricity costs over the lamp's lifetime. In many countries, governments have banned the disposal of CFLs together with regular garbage. These countries have established special collection systems for CFLs and other hazardous waste.

Home The Importance of Architectural Lighting. Lighting plays a vital role in the way people experience and understand architecture. Whether buildings and structures are lit naturally or artificially, lighting is the medium that allows us to see and appreciate the beauty in the buildings around us. Lighting can bring an emotional value to architecture — it helps create an experience for those who occupy the space. Without lighting, where would architecture be? Would it still have the same impact? Vision is the single most important sense through which we enjoy architecture, and lighting enhances the way we perceive architecture even more.

Grainger's got your back. Designed to fit in fixtures intended for linear fluorescent lamps LFLs , LED tubes are a smart, efficient and long-lasting solution to replace traditional lighting. These are offered in various lengths and sizes, including T8 and T5, as well as in glass and plastic. From the stem to the base and the leaf-inspired adjustable head, the structure is entirely slender in profile, blending in to work or home environments with ease while providing stunning task lighting. Get to Know Us.

presentation before and after pictures led retrofit pdf

LED Streetlights

Installation of the TV antenna amplifier.

LED Streetlights

How To Make Led Display Board Pdf This particular project demonstrates how simple is to code the Arduino board to generate the square waves of any required frequency. As seen in Figure 8, 1-Up optics are cone shaped and require an optic holder. Toshiba provides innovative and cost efficient b2b solutions for multiple industries servicing the industrial, power and energy, and retail verticals. You can make this cut with a miter saw, a table saw, or even a handsaw and protractor. Start now with a free trial. Here is a program for BCD to 7-segment display decoder.

The City Council approved the retrofit on April 13, The old lighting system used to be controlled by a photo cell at the service cabinet on the street. The new LED lights will all be individually controlled via a smart network that will allow remote communications for dimming, on and off times, burned out lamps, etc. During the conversion some fixtures must remain on full-time while our new network gets installed. For questions or concerns about lighting changes on wooden poles, phone

An additional joint working group called “Lighting Retrofit first outlines the main features of the monitoring protocol and then some of the lessons The protocol is developed so that a comprehensive picture of the electric Detmold was selected for presentation, because it was renovated to the efficiency.

Problems with the formation of cracks are now a thing of the past as well, as the luminaire is technically and thermally separated from the ceiling by a mounting frame. The final result is a high-grade lighting solution meticulously integrated into the interior design, which appears as a fully consistent light line to the beholder. Luminous corner connections open up whole new dimensions in design. The moulding channel, which is available in lengths of one, two, three or four metres, ensures precise and flush installation in concrete ceilings and walls. Aligned to suit the most common blackboard formats, this wallwasher measures three or four metres in length and lights up the vertical board area with lx and a uniformity of 0.

How To Make Led Display Board Pdf

One room can serve multiple purposes. It can be a place where you can relax, work on the computer, do arts and crafts, cook, share a meal with friends, and much more… This is why lighting features need to correspond to the setting or application of the room. People often expect a single source of light to meet all their needs. Yet, each of the three types of lighting has a particular function to fulfill specific needs, which are:. General or ambient lighting is intended to light up a room in its entirety.


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