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Sale And Supply Of Alcohol Act 2012 Pdf

sale and supply of alcohol act 2012 pdf

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Local Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is a leading preventable cause of premature mortality, disability and social harm. Most of these factors may be modified by alcohol policy at relatively low cost to reduce harm. Between and , alcohol policy in New Zealand was liberalised and began to lag behind most other OECD countries with regard to effective measures to reduce harm. In response, the Government developed the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act SSAA , which introduced minimisation of harm from excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol as a key objective. However, the SSAA made little or no change to the most cost-effective policy areas for reducing harm, including alcohol taxation, the minimum purchase age and control of alcohol marketing.

We administer legislation regulating the sale and supply of alcohol and provide advice to the Government on policy relating to alcohol-related offending and crime prevention. The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act aims to improve New Zealand's drinking culture and reduce the harm caused by excessive drinking. It replaced the Sale of Liquor Act This page was last updated: 22nd December Skip to main content.

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 - LCQ Training Seminar (Dunedin)

Alcohol consumption is a major cause of mortality and morbidity globally. In response to strong calls from the public for alcohol law reform, the New Zealand Government recently reduced the blood alcohol limit for driving and introduced the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act which aim to 1 improve community input into local decision-making on alcohol; 2 reduce the availability of alcohol; and 3 reduce hazardous drinking and alcohol-related harm. In this project we seek to evaluate the new laws in terms of these objectives. A policy evaluation framework is proposed to investigate the implementation and outcomes of the reforms. We will use quantitative and qualitative methods, employing a pre-post design. Data will be collected via postal surveys, interviews and analysis of local government documents.

sale and supply of alcohol act 2012 pdf

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act Public Act. No Date of assent. 18 December Commencement see section 2. Contents. Page. 1. Title. 2.

Manager's Certificate

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

Alcohol Licensing

All participants are to meet in the room specified above. Please click here to view a campus map. If your employer is paying the course fee, you will require a letter signed by an appropriate company representative on their letterhead. Please return this with your enrolment form. Your employer will then be sent an invoice for the course fee. If this is not supplied, you personally will be invoiced for the course fee.

LAPs generally encourage the responsible sale, supply and consumption of alcohol and focus on reducing alcohol related harm. A LAP can influence:. LAPs can also set out conditions that can be applied to alcohol licences. This is to improve industry standards and promote safe and responsible sale and supply of alcohol. The Provisional LAP includes regional policies, as well as some special rules for the city centre and the priority overlay. The priority overlay covers suburbs experiencing higher levels of alcohol-related harm. For the boundaries of these areas, see Local alcohol policy areas.

For everything you need to know and updates visit covid District-wide information and support is available here. The term of the current District Licensing Committee expires on 31 January The Council is seeking expressions of interest from members of the community who are interested in becoming members of the District Licensing Committee from 1 February to 31 January Please note you must also return a completed "Questionnaire for Applicants for Managers Certificates". Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act covers the safe and responsible sale, supply, and consumption of alcohol and the minimisation of harm caused by its.


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    At all times when alcohol is available for sale to the public in an On or Off licensed premises and in some clubs, a manager who holds a current Manager's Certificate must be on duty.

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    On any premises an on-licence (other than an on-licence en- dorsed under section 37) is held for, the licensee—. (a) can sell and supply alcohol.

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