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Feelings And Emotions Esl Pdf

feelings and emotions esl pdf

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You can make miming more active and make guessing more difficult by asking students to hide their faces. The easiest way of achieving this is by having them miming with their backs to their partners. Feelings sounds Rather than miming, students keep their hands still and just make noises to show the feeling, e.

Expressing emotions is not always the easiest thing to do, and it can be even more challenging to do so in a foreign language. In the article, we have rounded up various lessons, worksheets, and flashcards that help your students improve their vocabulary relating to feelings and emotions. While most of these lessons are geared toward students at the elementary level, we also cover lessons for the pre-intermediate and intermediate learners. The worksheet also comes with the solution for the crossword puzzle. Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary with Emojis - This worksheet features two activities on feelings and emotions.


Look at the pictures and study the words. Useful for teaching and learning feelings, emotions vocabulary. Look at the list below and write the names of the feelings, emotions vocabulary in the correct boxes. Simple and practical for teaching and learning the feelings, emotions vocabulary. Find and circle the feelings, emotions vocabulary in the word search puzzle and number the pictures. Effective for teaching and learning feelings, emotions vocabulary.

Fun Activities For Language Of Emotions

Students always find it hard to express themselves with emotions. As an English teacher, you will be showing various emotions in the classroom. Using facial expressions and gestures is a means of communication everyone understands no matter where you are from. Your mood state will often change in the classroom, and your students should learn each feeling you share. Each student writes down their likes and dislikes.

Feelings flashcards

Sometimes you will need to express an emotion such as joy or sorrow to the person you're talking to. This page will list the different ways of expressing feelings in English. What are idioms? And how can idioms help you become a fluent speaker?

Feelings - emotions

Interactive Version - In this feelings and emotions interactive worksheet, students complete a variety of exercises to learn adjectives that describe emotions. Interactive Version - This feelings and emotions interactive PDF contains a range of exercises to help students learn -ed and -ing adjectives that are used to describe feelings and emotions. Past Simple vs. Present Simple Passive Present Simple vs.

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