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Acceptance And Commitment Therapy Workbook Pdf

acceptance and commitment therapy workbook pdf

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT uses three broad categories of techniques: mindfulness , including being present in the moment and defusion techniques ; acceptance; and commitment to values-based living. Mindfulness is a way of observing our experience, in the present moment, without judgement.

Mindfulness helps us 'defuse' - to distance ourselves from unhelpful thoughts, reactions and sensations. ACT is based on the idea that, generally, trying to rid ourselves of pain and distress only increases it, and turns it into something traumatic. The alternative is to accept it - but that doesn't mean giving up, being defeated or agreeing with suffering. Acceptance is an acknowledgement of and a willingness to allow these experiences. We learn to make room for painful feelings, thoughts, and sensations - allowing them to be there, coming and going without us struggling against them.

You can learn to free yourself from the traps and barriers of life, and see what you really want your life to be. A value is a life direction, an internal compass which guides us throughtout life.

Values are different to goals which have an end-point. Values are often life-long. Perhaps what we would like to be remembered for, or written as our epitaph, our headstone inscription.

Values give life meaning and purpose. To identify our values, we can think about what it is in life that is REALLY important to us, the most important, what gives our life meaning and purpose. Is it our relationships, e. Is it our careers, connecting with nature, healthy living, community service or making a difference?

Consider what l egacy you want to pass on. Having identified our values, we know where we want to go in life, the direction we want to progress towards.

We might set goals along the way. Knowing our values will help us decide how to react to stress and distress. In spite of how we feel, we can still move in the direction and service of our values. Suppose you come across someone standing in the middle of a pool of quicksand - there are no ropes or tree branches available.

The only way you can help is by talking to them. The person shouts "HELP! Not with quicksand. Normally, to step out of something, you need to lift one foot and move the other forward.

With quicksand, that's a bad idea. Once one foot is lifted, all the person's weight rests on only the other foot half the previous surface area , and the downward pressure doubles.

The pe rson sinks deeper. As you watch, you see them starting to sink deeper. If you understand how quicksand works, you might shout at them to lie flat, spread-eagled, to maximise contact with the surface.

The person therefore probably won't sink, and might be able to roll to safety. Since the person is trying to get out of the quicksand, it goes against all their natural instincts to maximise body contact with it. Someone struggling to get out of the mud, may never realise that the wise and safer action is to get with the mud. Our own lives can be very much like this.

The normal problem-solving methods that we use sometimes repeatedly for years to try to deal with the struggles we face, may themselves be part of the problem, just like someone trying to get free of the quicksand.

ACT offers something very different, to help us free ourselves from the quicksand we find ourselves in, but to get with it. By doing so, we can relieve our suffering and become empowered to lead valued, meaningful, dignified human lives. Steven C Hayes New Harbinger. Passengers on the Bus. The Internal Hijackers. The Unwelcome Party Guest.

The Evolution of the Human Mind. ACT videos. Russ Harris videos. Birmingham ACT week videos. STOPP - 5 self-help steps for difficult situations. The Mind Bully. The Poisonous Parrot. What are my Options? Accept, Change or Let Go? Acceptance and Commitment Therapy For Dummies. The Happiness Trap. ACTivate Your Life: Using acceptance and mindfulness to build a life that is rich, fulfilling and fun.

The Reality Slap. Mindfulness Mindfulness is a way of observing our experience, in the present moment, without judgement. Values A value is a life direction, an internal compass which guides us throughtout life. More about Values here.

act workbook for ocd pdf

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acceptance and commitment therapy workbook pdf

Experiencing ACT from the Inside Out

It incorporates acceptance and mindfulness strategies alongside change strategies, in recognition that change is not always possible or desirable. ACT is theoretically derived from relational frame theory RFT which is a behavior analytic account of the functional properties of human language. The ACT approach proposes that suffering and dysfunction arise from attempts to control or eliminate unwanted experiences. Attempts to control or avoid can lead to the paradoxical effect of greater suffering and a perception of loss of control of the focus for elimination. Read more.

View larger. Silberstein-Tirch , R. Brock , and M. Hardcover September 2, Paperback September 3,

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Download File Here. Download here. The backdrop of the sheet is values, which underlie everything we do. To warm up with this activity I like to experiment with placing literally anything in the center circle my wedding ring for example and watching what our Advisor, Noticer, and Discoverer do with it. As always, let me know if you have any other creative ways of using this activity.

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*997*New* Learning to Thrive: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Workbook

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