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The Course of Theoretical Physics is a ten-volume series of books covering theoretical physics that was initiated by Lev Landau and written in collaboration with his student Evgeny Lifshitz starting in the late s. Kearsley, and W. The last two volumes were written in the early s.

MECHANICS THIRD EDITION Volume I of Course of Theoretical Physics Translated from the Russian by

Translated from the 3rd revised and enlarged edition of Medkanika by L. Landau and E. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form including photocopying or storing in any medium by electronic means and whether or not transiently or incidentally to some other use of this publication without the written permission of the copyright holder except in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act or under the terms of a licence issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd, 90 Tottenham Court Road, London, England WIP 9HE.

Applications for the copyright holder's written permission to reproduce any part of this publication should be addressed to the publishers. Lifshitz: p. Includes bibliographical references and index 1. Analytic I. Lifshitz, Evgenii. Mikhailovich, jtlint author II. Title QAL Generalised co-ordinates The principle of least action Galileo's relativity principle The Lagrangian for a free particle The Lagrangian for a system of particles.

Kepler's problem. Disintegration of particles Elastic collisions Scattering Rutherford's formula SmalI-angle scattering. Free oscillations in one dimension Forced oscillations Oscillations of systems with more than one degree of freedom Vibrations of molecules Damped oscillations Forced oscillations under friction Parametric resonance Anharmonic oscillations Resonance in non-linear oscillations Motion in a rapidly oscillating field VI.

Conditionally periodic motion Index. Only the final sections, on adiab atic invar iants, have been revised by L. Pitaevskii and myself. The Course of Theoretical Physics was initia ted by Land au, my teach er and friend. Our work toget her on these books began in the late and conti nued until the tragic accident that befell him in Land au's work in science was always such as to display his strivi ng for clarity, his effort to make simple what ,,"as complex and so to reveal the laws of natur e in their true simplicity and beauty.

It was this aim which he sough t to instil into his pupil s, and which has deter mine d the chara cter of the Course. It has been my good fortu ne to find a colleague for this work in L. Pitaevskii, a youn ger pupil of Land au's. The prese nt editio n contains the biogr aphy of Land au which I wrote in for the posth umou s Russian editio n of his Collected Works. I shoul d like to hope that it will give the reade r some sligh t idea of the perso nality ' f that rema rkabl e man.

Ham erme sh in and conti nued by Dr. Sykes and his colleagues. Academy of Sciences Jloscow From that distance we perceive more clearly not only his greatness as a scientist, the significance of whose work becomes increasingly obvious with time, but also that he was a great-hearted human being.

He was uncommonly just and benevolent. There is no doubt that therein lie the roots of his popularity as a scientist and teacher, the roots of that genuine love and esteem which his direct and indirect pupils felt for him and which were manifested with such exceptional strength during the days of the struggle to save his life following the terrible accident.

To him fell the tragic fate of dying twice. The epic story of the subsequent struggle to save his life is primarily a story of the selfless labour and skill of numerous physicians and nurses.

But it is also a story of a remarkahle feat of solidarity. The calamitous accident agitated the entire community of physicists, arousing- a spontaneous and instant response. The hospital in which Landau lay unconscious became a centre to all those his students and colleagues who strove to make whatever contributions they could to help the physicians in their desperate struggle to san Landau's life.

Thi, translation is by F. Landau Pergamon Pre", O"fon. An alphabetical list of the telephone numbers and addresses of anyone and any institution with which contact might be needed at any instant was compiled, and it contained telephone numbers! It included other hospitals, motor transport bases, airports, customs offices, pharmacies, ministries, and the places at which consulting physicians could most likely be reached.

The physicists obtained the machine from the Institute for the Study of Poliomyelitis and carried it in their own hands to the ward where Landau was gasping for breath. They saved their colleague, teacher, and friend. This was a real fraternity of physicists But when after three months he regained consciousness, it was no longer the same man whom we had known. He was not able to recover from all the consequences of his accident and never again completely regained his abilities.

The story of the six years that followed is only a story of prolonged suffering and pain. Lev Davidovich Landau was born on 22 January in Baku, in the family of a petroleum engineer who worked on the Baku oil-fields. His mother was a physician and at one time had engaged in scientific work on physiology. He completed his school course at the age of Even then he already was attracted by the exact sciences, and his mathematical ability manifested itself very early.

He studied mathematical analysis on his own and later he used to say that he hardly remembere"d a time when he did not kno" differentiation and integration. His parents considered him too young to enter a university and for a year he attended the Baku Economic Technicum. In he enrolled at Baku C niversity where he studied simultaneously in two departments: Physico-mathematical and Chemical.

Subsequently he did not continue his chemical education but he remained interested in chemistry throughout his life. In Leningrad, the main centre of Soviet physics at that time, he first made the acquaintance of genuine theoretical physics, which was then going through a turbulent period. He devoted himself to its study with all his youthful zeal and enthusiasm and worked so strenuously that often he became so exhausted that at night he could not sleep, still turning over formulae in his mind.

Later he used to describe how at that time he was amazed by the incredible beauty of the general theory of relativity sometimes he even would declare that such a rapture on first making one's acquaintance with this theory should be a characteristic of any born theoretical physicist.

He also described the state of ecstasy to which he was brought on reading the articles by Heisenberg and Schrodinger signalling the birth of the new quantum mechanics. He said that he derived from them not only delight in the true glamour of science but also an acute realization of the power of the human genius, whose greatest triumph is that man is capable of apprehending things beyond the pale of his imagination. And of course, the curvature of space-time and the uncertainty principle are precisely of this kind.

In Landau graduated from the university and enrolled for postgraduate study at th6 Leningrad Physicotechnical Institute where even earlier, in , he had been a part-time research student. In he published a theory of intensities in the spectra of diatomic molecules [1 l,t and as early as , a study of the problem of damping in quantum l 1echanics, which first introduced a description of the state of a system with the aid of the density matrix.

His fascination with physics and his first achievements as a scientist were, however, at the time beclouded by a painful diffidence in his relations with others. This trait caused him a great deal of suffering and at times - as he himself confessed in later years - led him to despair. The changes which occurred in him with the years and transformed him into a buoyant and gregarious individual were largely a result of his characteristic self-discipline and feeling of duty toward himself.

These qualities, together with his sober and self-critical mind, enabled him to train himself and to evolve into a person with a rare ability - the ability to be happy. The same sobriety of mind enabled him always to distinguish between what is of real value in life and what is unimportant triviality, and thus also to retain his mental equilibrium during the difficult moments which occurred in his life too.

In This scientific atmosphere, enhanced by the charm of the personality of Bohr himself, decisively influenced Landau in forming his own outlook on physics and subsequently he always considered himself a disciple of Niels Bohr.

He visited Copenhagen two more times, in and Landau's sojourn abroad was the occasion, in particular, of his work on the theory of the diamagnetism of an electron gas [4] and the study of the limitations imposed on the measurability of physical quantities in the relativistic quantum region in collaboration with Peierls [6].

U niversity. The Khar'kov period was for Landau a time of intense and varied research activity. Twentieth-century theoretical physics is rich in illustrious names of trail-blazing creators, and Landau was one of these creators.

But his influence on scientific progress was far from exhausted by his personal contribution to it. He was not only an outstanding physicist but also a genuinely outstanding educator, a born educator. In this respect one may take the liberty of comparing Landau only to his own teacher - Niels Bohr. The problems of the teaching of theoretical physics as well as of physics as a whole had first attracted his interest while still quite a young man. It was there, in Khar'kov, that he first began to work out programmes for the "theoretical minimum" - programmes of the basic knowledge in theoretical physics needed by experimental physicists and by those who wish to devote themselves to professional research work in theoretical physics.

In addition to drafting these programmes, he gave lectures on theoretical physics to the scientific staff at the Ukrainian Physicotechnical Institute as well as to students of the Physics and Mechanics Faculty. It was there also, in Khar'kov, that Landau had conceived the idea and began to implement the programme for compiling a complete Course of Theoretical Physics and Course of General Physics.

All his life long, Landau dreamed of writing books on physics at every level - from school textbooks to a course of theoretical physics for specialists. In fact, by the time of his fateful accident, nearly all the volumes of the Course of Theoretical Physics and the first volumes of the Course of General Physics and Physics for Everyone had been completed.

He also had drafted plans for the compilation of textbooks on mathematics for physicists, which should he "a guide to action", should instruct in the practical applications of mathematics to physics, and should be free of the rigours and complexities unnecessary to this course.

He did not have time to begin to translate this programme into reality. Landau always attached great importance to the mastering of mathematical techniques by the theoretical physicist. The degree of this mastery should be such that, insofar as possihle, mathematical complications would not distract attention from the physical difficulties of the problem - at least whenever standard mathematical techniques are concerned.

This can be achieved only by sufficient training. Yet experience shows that the current style and programmes for university instruction in mathematics for physicists often do not ensure such training. E'fperience also shows that after a physicist commences his independent research activity he finds the study of mathematics too "boring".

Therefore, the first test which Landau gave to anyone who desired to become one of his students was a quiz in mathematics in its "practical" calculational aspects. The successful applicant could then pass on to the study of the seven successive sections of the programme for the "theoretical minimum", which includes basic knowledge of all the domains of theoretical physics, and subsequently take an appropriate examination.

In Landau's opinion, this basic knowledge should be mastered by any theoretician regardless of his future specialization. Of course, he did not expect anyone to be as universally well-versed in science as he himself.

But he thus manifested his belief in the integrity of theoretical physics as a single science with unified methods. At first Landau himself gave the examination for the "theoretical minimum". Subsequently, after the number of applicants became too large, this duty was shared with his closest associates. But Landau always re-.

MECHANICS THIRD EDITION Volume I of Course of Theoretical Physics Translated from the Russian by

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by L. D. Landau and E. M. Lifshitz, Nauka, Moscow First published began to implement the programme for compiling a complete Course of. Theoretical.

MECHANICS THIRD EDITION Volume I of Course of Theoretical Physics Translated from the Russian by

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On the current-driven model in the classical electrodynamics of. Download books for free. All rights reserved.

The aim of the course is to expose senior undergraduate students to Theoretical Mechanics. We will mainly follow the classical textbook by Landau and Lifshitz. At the end of the course students should be able to solve typical mechanics problems by themselves.

Global regular solutions for Landau-Lifshitz equation

MECHANICS THIRD EDITION Volume I of Course of Theoretical Physics Translated from the Russian by

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Translated from the 3rd revised and enlarged edition of Medkanika by L. Landau and E. All rights reserved.

The file will be sent to your Kindle account. It may take up to minutes before you receive it. Download PDF. Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd. About the book. Some other works include What is Relativity? Volume 9: Statistical Physics, Part 2.

Landau. Lifshitz. The Classical. Theory of Fields. Third Revised English Edition A complete, logically connected theory of the electromagnetic field includes the A four-dimensional tensor (four-tensor) of the second rank is a set of sixteen.

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Its a 10 volume series of books and as wikipedia puts it — the books are well known for their concise, elegant and accurate formulation of the laws of physics. Generations of physicists, both in Russia and around the world, have been educated in physics through this series. The presentation of material is advanced, requires a foundation of physics, and is suitable for graduate-level study. Unfortunately, only 6 volumes are available legally on the WWW domain, but better than nothing, right? Share This Article. More on FromQuarkstoQuasars.

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Statistical Physics

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