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Diabetes And Your Feet Pdf

diabetes and your feet pdf

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People who have diabetes are at high risk for nerve and vascular damage that can result in loss of protective sensation in the feet, reduced circulation, and poor healing.

If you have diabetes, taking care of your feet is very important. Foot problems are more common in people with diabetes, and can become serious very quickly. It is very important that you inspect your feet regularly.

Diabetes Foot Care Guidelines

If you have diabetes , your blood glucose, or blood sugar , levels are too high. Over time, this can damage your nerves or blood vessels. Nerve damage from diabetes can cause you to lose feeling in your feet. You may not feel a cut, a blister or a sore. Foot injuries such as these can cause ulcers and infections. Serious cases may even lead to amputation. Damage to the blood vessels can also mean that your feet do not get enough blood and oxygen.

Diabetes raises the amount of sugar in the blood. High sugar levels can damage the nerves in the feet causing a condition called peripheral neuropathy. Nerve damage combined with poor circulation can slow healing and increase the chances of infection. A person who has damaged nerves may lose the sense of feeling in his or her feet. He may not realize an ill-fitting shoe has created a blister.

For people with diabetes, foot complications such as neuropathy and circulation problems can make it difficult for wounds to heal. Serious problems can arise from common skin issues such as:. Diabetes that is not well controlled can lead to slower healing. These slow-to-heal wounds can lead to infections. Other foot issues, such as calluses, are also common in people with diabetes. While calluses may not seem worrisome, if left untrimmed they can turn into ulcers or open sores.

Why is diabetic foot care important?

Therefore, it is important that pharmacists and healthcare professionals are aware of symptoms and the relevant care pathways for these patients to ensure they receive the best care and education regarding how to manage their condition. In the UK, around 4. Foot ulceration is responsible for more hospital days than all other diabetes complications combined [3]. There are many short- and long-term complications that can result from diabetes. High blood sugars hyperglycaemia and the length of time that diabetes is present increase the risk of complications, which include:. Diabetes Care ;37 1 :9— If not caught early, it can result in necrosis or gangrene and loss of limb.

diabetes and your feet pdf

Diabetes can damage the nerves in your feet, changing the way you feel things. • High blood glucose (sugar) also increases the risk that any wounds or ulcers.

The diabetic foot

Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet—even a small cut can produce serious consequences. Diabetes may cause nerve damage that takes away the feeling in your feet. Diabetes may also reduce blood flow to the feet, making it harder to heal an injury or resist infection. Because of these problems, you may not notice a foreign object in your shoe. As a result, you could develop a blister or a sore.

Materials for GP practices in Leeds on diabetes foot care - please note that you will need to save the document as PDF before you print the document. You have low risk feet - diabetes information and advice leaflet. You have low risk feet - diabetes information and advice leaflet easy read. You have low risk feet - diabetes information and advice leaflet Polish.

The content and appearance of the booklet was validated by 23 judges divided into three groups: 11 content and appearance, seven technicians and five of the area of design and marketing. The appearance was validated by 30 people with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. La apariencia fue validada por 30 personas con Diabetes Mellitus tipo 2. In the world and in Brazil, the exponential growth in the number of people with Diabetes Mellitus DM has made it a priority disease in global health. The International Diabetes Federation 1 projects that more than million adults worldwide live with the disease today, and by , an estimated million.

Assessment and identification of a diabetic foot at risk

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    Work with your podiatrist to create a foot care plan to help you take care of your feet. Ask your podiatrist if you qualify for special shoes. These might be covered by.

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    Diabetes and your feet. Diabetes can cause nerve damage. (also known as diabetes peripheral neuropathy) and poor blood flow or circulation to the legs and.

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