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Evolution Of Information And Communication Technology Pdf

evolution of information and communication technology pdf

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Evolution of Information Technology in Educational Management

Information communications technology ICT has the power to transform society. It also enables financial inclusion through m-commerce and allows people to connect with millions instantaneously. The impact of ICT on business is particularly significant. It empowers people to share knowledge and advice instantaneously and set up an online shop or website at a low cost, dramatically lowering the barriers to starting a business.

As such, it is an important enabler of change and ICT maturity is closely linked to economic growth. Advances in technology have always been used by for-profits to increase revenue. However, government bodies and NGOs have struggled to successfully apply them for social good.

An emerging type of business, the social business, is bridging the gap between the two. Social businesses are driven by a social cause, but seek financial stability in order to further their impact. ICT is playing a central role in the emergence and development of social businesses. These companies are driven by a social cause, but seek financial stability through profit making in order to further their impact.

This combination is allowing them to effectively utilize technology for good. The impact of ICT infrastructure on social businesses cannot be understated. It has made social impact affordable, social impact scalable, and enables new ways to connect to and engage with local communities a key characteristic of the social business.

Starting any business can be financially challenging. But for social entrepreneurs, whose primary intent is to engage with local communities rather than to make profit, it can be particularly daunting. In the initial stages, it can also be difficult to convince investors to part with their money for a social cause.

ICT solutions have decreased set-up costs in an unprecedented way. This helps social entrepreneurs to make it through this uncertain period without major investments or losses — and advice is only the click of a button away.

ICT infrastructure allows us to connect instantaneously with millions. Many social businesses also utilize ICT solutions to optimize processes, reduce costs and increase accuracy, enabling the business to be scaled up faster.

For example, Sanergy in Nairobi, Kenya, uses radiofrequency identification sensors to alert the waste team to when a toilet needs to be emptied. To ensure lasting empowerment, social businesses work from within the community. As previously highlighted, ICT allows social entrepreneurs to continuously connect with the people they wish to empower in a direct and engaging way. Online channels are also an incredibly powerful way to broadcast business messages.

Although the presence of a social business is very much on the ground within the community, its story can be told online through webpages and social media, reaching a global audience. ICT is empowering social businesses to make a real difference in communities around the world, securing a better future for the digital generations to come. Technology for a better future. Home Reports and papers The social business era The social impact of ICT. The social impact of ICT.

Download the Social Business Era report. ICT and the social business. ICT is developing social businesses in three main ways:. Affordability Starting any business can be financially challenging. Scalability ICT infrastructure allows us to connect instantaneously with millions.

Community To ensure lasting empowerment, social businesses work from within the community. Learn more about how ICT is driving social business. Download The Social Business Era report. Follow us Twitter.

The History of Communication Technology

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evolution of information and communication technology pdf

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Information and communication technology in Nigeria: Revolution or evolution

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Information and communications technology

A common sense review of the future shaped by ICT/IT

Brought to you by Conference Calls Unlimited. Humans are naturally very social beings and the way we communicate is vital aspect of our lives. More importantly, communicating over long distances is something that people once struggled with, but thanks to recent advances in technology, it is much easier for us today. Where we once relied on smoke signals and even carrier pigeons, we have many more options now.

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Examples are: software applications and operating systems; web-based information and applications such as distance learning; telephones and other telecommunications products; video equipment and multimedia products that may be distributed on videotapes, CDs, DVDs, email, or the World Wide Web; office products such as photocopiers and fax machines; calculators; and computer hardware. Electronic textbooks, instructional software, email, chat, and distance learning programs are also examples of ICT. Assistive technology, as it relates to information and communication technology, includes special tools or software to help people use computers, software, the Internet, telephones, or other technology used in education. Examples are: special keyboards; software to magnify a computer screen or audibly read the text on a computer screen; text telephones TTYs to help people who are deaf communicate using the telephone. Information and communication technology may be inaccessible to people if it provides only one way to access the information.

The evolution of information and communication technology Asset Class.


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