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Different Types Of Brakes And Their Applications Pdf

different types of brakes and their applications pdf

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An air brake or, more formally, a compressed air brake system , is a type of friction brake for vehicles in which compressed air pressing on a piston is used to apply the pressure to the brake pad needed to stop the vehicle. Air brakes are used in large heavy vehicles, particularly those having multiple trailers which must be linked into the brake system, such as trucks , buses , trailers , and semi-trailers , in addition to their use in railroad trains.

Common Types of Brakes and Braking Systems

Brakes are perhaps the most important safety feature of any vehicle. Knowing the different types of brakes, both between and within vehicles, can help you feel better informed when caring for and repairing your brakes. There are two kinds of service brakes, or the brakes that stop your vehicle while driving: disc and drum brakes. Additionally, almost all vehicles come with emergency brakes and anti-lock brakes. Disc brakes consist of a brake rotor which is attached directly to the wheel.

There are several additional components that are involved to ensure car brakes operate smooth on different road conditions and circumstances. Car accidents often happen due to poor braking systems. The more you know about these crucial systems, the better. A rising style of brake system, electromagnetic brakes use an electric motor that is included in the automobile which help the vehicle come to a stop. These types of brakes are in most hybrid vehicles and use an electric motor to charge the batteries and regenerative brakes. On occasion, some buses will use a secondary retarder brake which uses an internal short circuit and a generator. A frictional brake system is found in many automobiles.

4 Types of Car Brakes

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They are not only used to stop a moving system but also to prevent motion of any part of a particular system. Human applies force F via pedals but is not enough to produce the braking torque. More the lever distance, less the human effort! This is important while designing ergonomics of the vehicle! Another version of these brakes contain 2 shoes on the opposite side to increase the braking torque. Such types are called Pivoted type double shoe brake. They are widely used in trains even now.

In a vehicle, the brake is the most important device to control the vehicle. It reduces the speed of any rotating parts of electrical and mechanical equipment. It is a crucial part of the safe operation of systems. It uses friction on the two surfaces of a vehicle. This converts kinetic energy into heat. Almost all the vehicle wheels have a braking system.

Common Types of Brakes and Braking Systems

As we all know an automobile is consist of various types of system like lighting system, ignition system , air-conditioning system, etc. Among all these systems, the braking system is one of the most important system. Being a Mechanical Engineer you should know about all these systems, so today start with the braking system.

Most brakes use friction on the two sides of the wheel, the collective press on the wheel converts the kinetic energy of the moving object into heat.

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Braking System: How They Work? Types, Parts, Construction [PDF]

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    Types of Brake System in Automobile: Mechanical Brake. Disc Brake. Hydraulic Brake. Power-assisted Brake. Air Brake. Electric and. Hand brake System.

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