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First And Second Conditional Exercises Worksheets Pdf

first and second conditional exercises worksheets pdf

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Interactive Version - Here is a first vs. Interactive Version - This interactive conditionals worksheet can be used to help students review the zero, first, second and third conditionals. Interactive Version - In this mixed conditionals interactive worksheet, students complete a variety of exercises to practice or review first, second and third conditionals.

First and Second Conditional Activity

Are you an English teacher? Please download this lesson to use in your English class. If you have any questions, or would like to add anything else, please contact me. If it rains, I stay home. The first example is done for you. If Roscoe is bored, he fishes. If I see her tonight, I will tell her about the party. Using the first conditional, write a one-sentence response to each future prediction. The first one is done for you. Practice using the imperative with the zero and first conditional: Complete the sentences with your own ideas.

Welcome to my house. Call your mom if you have time later. I would walk your dog if I had time. I would go on vacation if I had money. I live in Campodimele, Italy. P lease write a five-sentence paragraph about what you would do if world peace were declared tomorrow.

Use the second conditional, as this is an unreal possibility. Discuss your answers. I would have walked your dog if I had had time. I would have gone on vacation if my company had given me the time off. I grew up in Russia. Complete the sentences below with the verb in the correct form and tense. Tom had a car accident last week because he was driving too fast.

Tom is pretty sure that it will rain tomorrow, so he plans on going to the cinema. Choose another person a friend or a famous person and write a paragraph describing what your life would be like and would have been like if you had been born as them and now lived their life.

Match the correct clauses to form a sentence. Prepare a presentation detailing another scenario or outcome. Mixed Conditionals are used to show how a past condition or possibility affects, or would affect, the present, or vice versa: how a present or general condition affects, or would have affected, the past. She came to work. She is not in bed. I am red. I got sunburned. He is not Russian and he did not go to school in Russia. Complete the sentences below with the verbs in the correct form and tense.

Tom is in the hospital because he had a car accident last week. Below are some ideas to use as you teach the conditional tense in your ESL classroom. Happy teaching! You can repeat this activity with bad decisions that have been made. Make sure they focus on the 3rd Conditional. As a follow-up activity have them write a descriptive paragraph. Then have them discuss and interpret the meaning of the lyrics as well as the uses of the conditional.

They should then write 2 lines of their own in the same format as the original song, throw the lines on the floor and pick them up randomly to create their own song. As a class, read and discuss songs that use the 2nd conditional. Ask students to imagine how the world would be today if certain events or inventions had not happened. Teach the pronunciation of the contracted forms of the conditional in speech. Teach word stress patterns associated with the conditional.

Remind students of the contractions that we use for the past perfect. It had been here. Dad had called. Teach students the contractions for would, could , and should with have. Have the students write sentences using the contracted forms. Have them underline the noun or nouns, or the most important word in the sentence, to mark where the stress is placed. Students should practice reading their sentences until they can read them to the class fluidly.

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Book with confidence! I pass the test 2. I would have failed the test 5. I get really angry a. If I knew c. When I am wrong d. I would go on vacation e. I would have gone f. If I study g. I would have studied more in high school h. If it rains tomorrow D. Mixed Conditionals Mixed Conditionals are used to show how a past condition or possibility affects, or would affect, the present, or vice versa: how a present or general condition affects, or would have affected, the past.

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First And Second Conditional Sentences Exercises Pdf

The second conditional type 2. Zero conditional first conditional second conditional third conditional mixed conditionals home. You can access all contents by clicking the download button. If want a higher resolution you can find it on Google Images. Note: Copyright of all images in first and second conditional sentences exercises pdf content depends on the source site.

first and second conditional exercises worksheets pdf

In a first conditional sentence, we can use when instead of if for things that we are sure will happen: When she comes, I'll call you. You can review this worksheet.

Second And Third Conditional Exercises Pdf With Answers

There are so many fun things that you can do with the first conditional that there is a danger of spending far too much time on it, so please read through the list below and select a couple rather than working your way through them! Complete the following sentences using appropriate first conditional forms of the verbs given in the brackets. Dominoes matching activity for first, second and third conditionals.

first and second conditional sentences exercises pdf

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See all the conditional exercises here. Need more practice? Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website.

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First and Second Conditional Worksheet.

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The Conditional: Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed


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