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Biology And Evolution Of Ferns And Lycophytes Pdf

biology and evolution of ferns and lycophytes pdf

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Virtual issue: Ecology and evolution of pteridophytes in the era of molecular genetics

With their team of contemporary scholars, the editors present a thorough coverage of fundamental topics necessary for obtaining an uptodate understanding of the biology of ferns and lycophytes. The book is organized into major topics that build from the individual and its biochemistry and structure, to genetics and populations, to interactions among individuals and the conservation of species, and concludes with perspectives on evolutionary history and classification. Each chapter is organized to review past work, explore current questions, and suggest productive directions for continued discoveries about these fascinating groups of organisms. Written for upper undergraduates, graduates and academic researchers, Biology and Evolution of Ferns and Lycophytes fills a major gap in biological, organismlevel, evolutionary literature by providing a review of the biology and evolution of this important group of vascular land plants. Click on the link below to start the download Biology and Evolution of Ferns and Lycophytes. Download online book PDF.

It will provide essential background information for those beginning research in any of the areas covered. This book fills a major gap in the literature of the past decade and provides a modern overview of the biology and evolution of these fascinating plants. Tom A. Ranker received his Ph. Christopher H. Haufler received his Ph. After obtaining his Ph.

About once every decade for the last 80 years, a volume has been produced that reports comprehensively on recent developments in pteridology. Some have an emphasis on particular aspects, such as phylogeny, cytogenetics or gametophytes, while others have a broader coverage. Together with several substantial proceedings of conferences, these books have helped to maintain the momentum of interest in ferns and lycophytes. With the current changes in fashion in botanical curricula and the reduction in research support for pteridology, the stimulus of another major publication of this kind was needed. Ranker and Haufler have followed in the tradition of Verdoorn's multi-authored compendium Manual of Pteridology and assembled contributions that include a broad selection of topics across the range currently being investigated.

Biology and Evolution of Ferns and Lycophytes

Sutherland, B. Barrett, J. Beck, M. Latvis, M. McKain, E. Sigel , and N. Botany is the root and the future of invasion biology.

The past quarter-century has witnessed a revolution in our understanding of the phylogenetics, systematics, and ecology of pteridophytes ferns and lycophytes , particularly due to the rapid accumulation of plastid sequence data and a renewed interest in the ecology of the sexual phase of the life cycle. We here compile 19 papers recently published in the Journal of Plant Research dealing with the biology of pteridophytes, grouped into six categories: 1 breeding systems, 2 species complexes and polyploidization, 3 fossil taxa, 4 gametophyte ecology, 5 systematics, 6 biodiversity. We hope this collection of papers will be of value to researchers interested in this fascinating group of plants. Our understanding of the phylogeny of pteridophytes ferns and lycophytes was revolutionized starting in with the sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of the plastid rbcL gene Hasebe et al. This ushered in the modern era of pteridophyte systematics, which has witnessed increasingly sophisticated analyses of the evolutionary relationships of seed-free vascular plants Pryer et al. Correspondingly, important insights have also been made into pteridophyte ecology, particularly with regards to the sexual gametophytic phase of the life cycle Ebihara et al.

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Cambridge Core - Evolutionary Biology - Biology and Evolution of Ferns and Lycophytes. Frontmatter. pp i-vi. Access. PDF; Export citation 7 - Evolution of the nuclear genome of ferns and lycophytes. pp By Takuya Nakazato.

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