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Worm And Worm Gear Calculation Pdf

worm and worm gear calculation pdf

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Winter, H. January 1, January ; 1 : 73— The formulae of classical hydrodynamics are not suitable for the calculation of load capacity and power loss of worm gear drives. Thus a theoretical basis had to be developed for the comparison of different tooth profiles, materials of worm and worm wheel and lubricants.

Worm Gears Explained

First, the basics. Worm gear sets are used to transmit power between non-parallel, non-intersecting shafts, usually having a shaft angle of 90 degrees, and consist of a worm and the mating member, referred to as a worm wheel or worm gear. The worm has teeth wrapped around a cylinder, similar to a screw thread. Worm gear sets are generally used in applications where the speed reduction ratio is between and , and in situations where accurate rotary indexing is required. The ratio of the worm set is determined by dividing the number of teeth in the worm wheel by the number of worm threads.

In recent decades Framo Morat worm gear sets have won appreciable market shares both in Germany and abroad. Besides our catalogue worm gear sets made to the Framo Morat standard , which we keep in stock in moderate quantities, we also manufacture customised worm gear sets in compliance with customer specifications. Our catalogue worm gear sets are generally available in a wide range of centre distances and transmission ratios directly from stock. Our factory can calculate and manufacture centre distances and transmission ratios deviating from the Framo Morat standard, although it will not always be possible to use available gear cutting tools. The worm gear sets are usually right-handed but can be produced left-handed on request.

Worm Gears Explained

A worm gear is a gear consisting of a shaft with a spiral thread that engages with and drives a toothed wheel. Worm gears are an old style of gear, and a version of one of the six simple machines. Basically, a worm gear is a screw butted up against what looks like a standard spur gear with slightly angled and curved teeth. It changes the rotational movement by 90 degrees, and the plane of movement also changes due to the position of the worm on the worm wheel or simply "the wheel". They are typically comprised of a steel worm and a brass wheel. Figure 1.

A worm drive is a gear arrangement in which a worm which is a gear in the form of a screw meshes with a worm gear which is similar in appearance to a spur gear. The two elements are also called the worm screw and worm wheel. The terminology is often confused by imprecise use of the term worm gear to refer to the worm, the worm gear, or the worm drive as a unit. The worm gear or "endless screw" was invented by either Archytas of Terentum, Apollonius of Perge , or Archimedes , the last one the most probable author. Like other gear arrangements, a worm drive can reduce rotational speed or transmit higher torque. A worm is an example of a screw , one of the six simple machines.

b = Bottom or Root Diameter of Worm ;. N = Number of Teeth in Worm Wheel: W = Whole Depth of Worm Tooth: T = Width of Thread Tool at End;. B = Helix Angl.e.

Worm Gears

Worm drive

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Load Capacity of Worm Gears

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What Is a Worm Gear?

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