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Nutrigenomics And Nutrigenetics In Functional Foods And Personalized Nutrition Pdf

nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics in functional foods and personalized nutrition pdf

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Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics: the ‘omics’ revolution in nutritional science

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Principles of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics: Fundamentals for Individualized Nutrition is the most comprehensive foundational text on the complex topics of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics. Edited by three leaders in the field with contributions from the most well-cited researchers conducting groundbreaking research in the field, the book covers how the genetic makeup influences the response to foods and nutrients and how nutrients affect gene expression. Principles of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics: Fundamentals for Individualized Nutrition is broken into four parts providing a valuable overview of genetics, nutrigenetics, and nutrigenomics, and a conclusion that helps to translate research into practice. With an overview of the background, evidence, challenges, and opportunities in the field, readers will come away with a strong understanding of how this new science is the frontier of medical nutrition. Principles of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics: Fundamentals for Individualized Nutrition is a valuable reference for students and researchers studying nutrition, genetics, medicine, and related fields.

Author: James A. Principles of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics: fundamentals of individualized nutrition. London: Academic Press; Ferguson LR. Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics in functional foods and personalized nutrition.

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The growing epidemic of obesity, as well as the alarming rise in associated pathologies, such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, reflects a mismatch between modern diet and lifestyle and our thrifty human genome. At the turn of the millennium, application of high-performance technologies associated with genomics to nutritional sciences catalysed the emergence of nutritional genomics, a revolutionary research area that focuses on characterising the bidirectional interactions between genes and nutrition. In this article, we review how food components interact with our genes and how new insights in the field of nutrigenomics are leading to individualised nutrition, which may be of benefit in disease prevention, as well as in combination with medical treatments. Repercussions for the food chain are presented, such as the development of a new generation of foods of high nutritional value with regard to nutrition and health promotion. In addition, some social and ethical implications are discussed.

Journal of Food Science Research. Statement of the Problem: Nutritional care has increased dramatically in the past decade, always looking after a more personalized and efficient attention in order to achieve a patient's goal. During the last years of research in the field of nutrition, we have gone through the chemical revolution and the golden age of nutrition, and we are moving to a genomic revolution. The World Health Organization estimates that dietary factors influence more than two thirds of diseases. Different type of diets have become fashionable, focusing in the reduction of calories, carbohydrates or fats, without achieving the right objective which is to reach an optimal state of health. The main function of the diet is to provide the necessary nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of people.

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nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics in functional foods and personalized nutrition pdf

Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics as useful tools to reach personalized nutritional care.

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Principles of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

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Nutrigenomic foods

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While functional foods have become a reasonably well-established concept, personalized nutrition is still treated with skepticism by many. Nutrigenomics and​.


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    'Nutrigenetics' describes the scientific result of genetic differencein dietary response,. resulting in a different outcome of nutrients on metabolism.

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    PDF | The main function of the diet is to provide the necessary nutrients to The nutrigenomics began to work in the so-called personalized.

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