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Punjab Private Education Emplotees Rules And Regulations In Pakistan Pdf

punjab private education emplotees rules and regulations in pakistan pdf

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Short title and commencement. Exercise of option. Benefits under the Scheme. Qualifying Service.

Notification of Ordinance Pertaining to 20% Concession in Fee Private Schools Punjab

Ordinance XI of Short title and application. Constitution of the Board. Removal of a member. Meetings of the Board. General Powers of the Board. Transitional provisions regarding staff. Board Fund. Maintenance of accounts. Annual financial statement. Returns and statements. Chairman, and members, and employees to be public servants.

Power to make rules. An Ordinance to establish Boards of Governors for Government educational and training institutions in [3] [ the Punjab ].

In the event of Government rescinding the notification made under sub-section 2 of section 1, the property vesting in the Board shall stand transferred to Government. Under Article 5A of the Provisional Constitution Order I of , as amended, read with Article AA of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, , it shall not be subject to any limitation as to duration prescribed in the Constitution.

The Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) (Amendment) Ordinance 2020

Ordinance XI of Short title and application. Constitution of the Board. Removal of a member. Meetings of the Board.

Governing Laws

The Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) (Amendment) Ordinance 2020

The United Kingdom established its presence in South Asia in the early part of the 17th century. In , the administration of the country was handed over to the British government. Opposition to British rule began at the turn of the 20th century. Although vigorous efforts were made to include Muslims in the Indian nationalist movement, concern for Muslim political rights led to the formation of the Muslim League in The concept of Pakistan, a Muslim nation distinct from Hindu India, was introduced in the s, as fear grew among Indian Muslims of becoming a minority in Hindu India. In , the Muslim League, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, called for the creation of a separate Muslim state, in the regions that housed a majority of Muslims.

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The detail is as under:. Provincial Assembly of Punjab is not in session and Governor of Punjab is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it necessary to take immediate action. In exercise of the powers conferred under clause 1 of Article of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Governor of Punjab is pleased to make and promulgate the following Ordinance:. Special directives,- The Registering Authority may issue special directives for the closure of schools and for ensuring that students are imparted education through alternative means in special circumstances including but not limited to calamities, epidemics, floods, wars, environmental or natural disasters, or when the Registering Authority deems that Physical presence of students at schools is hazardous for their health, and, the Registering Authority may also issue directions determining the fee to be charged by the schools for the period during which such special directives remain in the field. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share this

The Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion & Regulations) West Pakistan Publication of Textbooks (Regulation and Control) Ordinance,

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Based on inspection reports:. Institutions meeting the minimum standards of PEIRA are appreciated and encouraged to maintain and improve their standards to ensure that quality education is being imparted to the students. Institutions with shortcomings are periodically advised to overcome their deficiencies and guidelines are shared with each institution. We determine fee to be charged by PEIs- in commensuration of academic quality of an institution and on-campus educational facilities available to the students. Improvement in teaching and learning classroom environment by inspiring lifelong learning among students and development of professional capacity of teachers.

Education in Pakistan is overseen by the Federal Ministry of Education and the provincial governments , whereas the federal government mostly assists in curriculum development, accreditation and in the financing of research and development. Article A of Constitution of Pakistan obligates the state to provide free and compulsory quality education to children of the age group 5 to 16 years. The education system in Pakistan [4] is generally divided into six levels: preschool for the age from 3 to 5 years , primary grades one through five , middle grades six through eight , high grades nine and ten, leading to the Secondary School Certificate or SSC , intermediate grades eleven and twelve, leading to a Higher Secondary School Certificate or HSSC , and university programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. In tribal areas female literacy is 9. On top of that, Pakistan produces about , university graduates and 80, computer science graduates per year. Pre-school education is designed for 3—5 years old and usually consists of three stages: Play Group, Nursery and Kindergarten also called 'KG' or 'Prep'.

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    History of private education in Punjab is as old as in Pakistan. According to the law, the institution shall not require the parents to purchase textbooks, uniform.

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