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Iron And Steelmaking By Ahindra Ghosh Pdf

iron and steelmaking by ahindra ghosh pdf

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For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Flashcards Collections. Documents Last activity. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved. MEC 6. MME 2. Contact Hours: L: 3 ; 3. Examination Duration Hrs : 4. Relative Weightage: M-I : 2 0 5. Objective: To familiarize the students with the fundamentals and other aspects of various metallurgical processes.

Details of the Course: S. Particulars Contact Hours 1. An introduction to Metallurgy and Classification of Metallurgical Processes. Classification of Engineering Materials based on Engineering properties. A general discussion on other engineering materials plastics, rubber, polymers, ceramics, refractories, glasses, composites etc.

Introduction of Nano-technology; its importance and applications 04 4. A brief discussion on important ferrous and non-ferrous materials and their production processes flow sheets giving important parameters.

General introduction to phase rule and phase diagrams Binary systems. An overview of iron carbon equilibrium diagram and the critical phenomenon.

Plastic deformation in single crystals. Single crystals, polycrystalline materials and factors affecting their mechanical properties. Yield strength, tensile strength and rupture strength. Ductility and malleability, toughness and hardness of materials. Total 08 07 05 42 3 8. Suggested Books: S. Name of Book Author s Publisher 1. Principles of Extractive Metallurgy J. Newton J.

Wiley Year of Publications 2. Materials Science and Engineering V. Raghvan PHI 3. Co 5. Material Science R. Sedha S. Chan 7. Jones Pergamum Press 8. Material Science Callister Willey 9. Contact Hours: L: 2 ; T: 1; P: 0 3. Examination Duration Hrs : Theory: 4. Objective: To acquire knowledge and become familiar with the various metallurgical analysis techniques and the instruments involved therein.

Electrogravimetry, potentiometry, polarography, colorimetry and conductometry. Absorptimetry, Emission spectrophotometry, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry, flame photometry, colorimetry and X-Ray fluorescence. Determination of gases in metal.

Chromatography, Radio-chemical analytical methods. Applications of the above analytical methods to the assessment and evaluation of alloys, ores, slags, ceramics, glass and refractories. Suggested Books S. Instrumental Methods of Analysis Williard H. Van Nostrand 3. Instrumental methods of Analysis Ewing G.

McGrawHill 4. Problems in Quantitative Analysis A. Masakin, Mir 6. A brief introduction to modern chemical Analysis D.

Peters, J. Hayes and G. Hieftje Saunders Mir 7. Contact Hours: L: 0 ; 3. Examination Duration Hrs : T: 0; Theory: 4. List of experiments: S. Experiments 1. Determination of copper II as copper oxide 2. Gravimetric estimation of aluminium 3. Determination of Iron III 4.

Determination of barium as barium sulphate. Determination of acid value of oil. Contact Hours: L: 3; T: 1; 3. Objective: To understand and familiarize with the algebra of matrices and various aspects of statistics and probability.

Transverse of a matrix Symmetric, skew-symmetric, Hermitian, and Skew-Hermitian matrices inverse matrix, orthogonal and unitary matrices, Solution of simultaneous equations by matrix method. Triangular matrices, Rank of a matrix, equivalent matrices, elementary transformations, normal form, and Eigen vectors of a matrix, Caley-Hamilton theorem.

Quadratic forms. Random experiment, sample space, events, classical, statistical and axiomatic definitions of probability. Statements and proof of theorems on addition and multiplication of probabilities. Simple problems. Bayes Theorem on conditional probability. Random variable, derivation of formula for mean, variance and moments of random variables for discrete and continuous cases.

Laws of expectation, Binomial, Poisson and normal distributions, Beta and Gamma distribution. T-distribution, Fdistribution, Chi-square distribution and their applications. Regression and correlation Multiple and partial correlation. Total 24 42 9 8.

Name of the Book 1. Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics Author s S. C Gupta and V. Delhi Year of Publications 2. Brownlee John Wiley and Sons 3. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, 3rdEd. Contact Hours: L: 2; T: 1; 3. Relative Weightage: M-I: 2 0 5.

Objective: To familiarize with the fundamentals and other aspects of rocks, minerals, crystals etc. Particulars Contact Hrs. Physical Geology: Introduction to Science of Geology. The crust of the earth and its composition. The structure, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. Geological work of atmosphere. Erosion, transportation and deposition by wind, water and ice. Features developing due to crust and depositional processes.

Introduction to geological structures.

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Ironmaking And Steelmaking: Theory And Practice by Ahindra Ghosh And Amit Chatterjee is a complete reference text material on metallurgy, the process of making iron and steel, primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of engineering. Ironmaking And Steelmaking: Theory And Practice is a book for the benefit of engineering graduates and postgraduates. It records all the procedures of making iron and steel that serves the researchers interested in this subject. Students will find this book highly useful as it traces the historical events in the making of steel and iron. Ironmaking And Steelmaking: Theory And Practice comprises 6 sections with further sub-sections of 24 chapters. The initial chapter explains the historical information and general concepts of iron and steel. The other chapters have discussions on the scientific and technological concepts in a balanced way so that both the theoretical and practical concepts are understood.

This authoritative account covers the entire spectrum from iron ore to finished steel. It begins by tracing the history of iron and steel production, right from the earlier days to todays world of oxygen steelmaking, electric steelmaking, secondary steelmaking and continuous casting. The physicochemical fundamental concepts of chemical equilibrium, activity-composition relationships, and structure-properties of molten metals are introduced before going into details of transport phenomena, i. Particular emphasis is laid on the understanding of the fundamental principles of the processes and their application to the optimisation of actual processes. Modern developments in blast furnaces, including modelling and process control are discussed along with an introduction to the alternative methods of ironmaking. In the area of steelmaking, BOF plant practice including pre-treatment of hot metal, metallurgical features of oxygen steelmaking processes, and their control form part of the book.

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iron and steelmaking by ahindra ghosh pdf

Ahindra Ghosh taught iron and steel metallurgy and allied subjects, besides being engaged in other academic and professional activities, while he was at the​.

Complete Syllabus (PDF Format)

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Save extra with 2 Offers. It begins by tracing the history of iron and steel production, right from the earlier days to todays world of oxygen steelmaking, electric steelmaking, secondary steelmaking and continuous casting. The physicochemical fundamental concepts of chemical equilibrium, activity-composition relationships, and structure-properties of molten metals are introduced before going into details of transport phenomena, i.


Balst Furnace Iron Making - a. Vaish, P. Biswas, s. Chaudhuri, M. Humane, R. Minz, B.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Steel Making is designed to give students a strong grounding in the theory and state-of-the-art practice of production of steels. The book is primarily focused to meet the needs of undergraduate metallurgical students and candidates for associate membership examinations of professional bodies AMIIM, AMIE. Besides, for all engineering professionals working in steel plants who need to understand the basic principles of steel making, the text provides a sound introduction to the subject. The book provides considerable information in an easily assimilable form and makes an ideal introduction to the complex subject of steel technology.

The best online shopping experience. What are some good resources for learning about steel. File: skpatel3. MAKING 3 67' 'iron making by tupkary solution for ore mining april 3rd, iron and steel making by tupkary pdf beltconveyers net modern iron making by tupkary download free pdf. South bend lathe works. Learn More. The production of steel in an EAF is a batch process.

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In steelmaking, impurities such as nitrogen , silicon , phosphorus , sulfur and excess carbon most important impurity are removed from the sourced iron, and alloying elements such as manganese , nickel , chromium , carbon and vanadium are added to produce different grades of steel. Limiting dissolved gases such as nitrogen and oxygen and entrained impurities termed "inclusions" in the steel is also important to ensure the quality of the products cast from the liquid steel. Steelmaking has existed for millennia, but it was not commercialized on a massive scale until the late 14th century.

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