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Types Of Microscopes And Their Functions Pdf

types of microscopes and their functions pdf

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A Brief History of Microscopy

Though modern microscopes can be high-tech, microscopes have existed for centuries — this brass optical microscope dates to , and was made in Munich, Germany. A microscope is an instrument that is used to magnify small objects. Some microscopes can even be used to observe an object at the cellular level, allowing scientists to see the shape of a cell , its nucleus, mitochondria , and other organelles. While the modern microscope has many parts, the most important pieces are its lenses. A simple light microscope manipulates how light enters the eye using a convex lens , where both sides of the lens are curved outwards. When light reflects off of an object being viewed under the microscope and passes through the lens, it bends towards the eye. This makes the object look bigger than it actually is.

Share on Facebook. Microscope Lab 2 Green River College. Show your formula and all work. They surround the cell bodies of neurons in the autonomic and sensory ganglia. The confocal microscope is said to have a very small depth of field. The microscope has been used in science to understand elements, diseases, and cells.

Types of Microscopes

There are a number of different types of microscopes and each of them solves unique problems. Below you will find information on the five different types of microscopes along with the applications for each microscope and just who might use each instrument. Below each description of the microscope and its use is an image that was captured using that particular microscope. Stereo microscopes are used to look at a variety of samples that you would be able to hold in your hand. A stereo microscope provides a 3D image or "stereo" image and typically will provide magnification between 10x - 40x. The stereo microscope is used in manufacturing, quality control, coin collecting, science, for high school dissection projects, and botany. A stereo microscope typically provides both transmitted and reflected illumination and can be used to view a sample that will not allow light to pass through it.

types of microscopes and their functions pdf

Different Kinds of Microscopes & Their Uses



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    There are several different types of microscopes used in light microscopy, and the four most popular types are Compound, Stereo, Digital and the Pocket or handheld microscopes.

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