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Harley Davidson Parts And Accessories Catalog Pdf

harley davidson parts and accessories catalog pdf

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Welcome to the candy store! We want you to be inspired. If you have any questions please email: bfosaaen lacrosseharley. Find your riding style. Choosing the right bike to fit your riding style is a great place to start.

2015 Motorcycle Catalog

Gengras Harely-Davidson. Gengras Harely-Davidson Less. Actual retail prices may vary. Ideal for a cool morning ride, the sleek profile of the Super Sport Windshield hugs the front headlamp for a sporty look. You get quick on-and-off convenience and a clean, custom look. No tools are required and the kit includes everything needed to install the windshield.

Installation requires removal of Original Equipment headlamp visor. Windshield dimensions: Overall height Lamps are available in your choice of brilliant chrome or gloss black background to match your styling direction. The solid-state LEDs are designed for long life and the shock- and vibration-resistant lamp assembly mounts into existing light housings. Installation is quick and easy and the plug-in lamps connect to the factory headlamp wiring.

Available in chrome or gloss black, this sleek and functional rack is an elegant solution for carry- ing your luggage for a day at the office or for a ride across the country. The rack can be installed or removed from the Docking Hardware in seconds for a truly versatile ride and it can be equipped with the matching Backrest Upright and Pad for added passenger comfort.

The backrest pad provides long-range comfort and support and adds a feeling of control and confidence for the passenger. Kit includes upright and mounting hardware. Do not exceed the fender rack weight capacity. Using as seat or exceeding this capacity could cause handling prob- lems which could result in loss of control and death or serious injury. The one-up design and the high back pad hold the rider in place and provide a direct connection to the bike. Seat width The seat moves the rider approximately 1.

The Reach Seat features a stepped profile that keeps the rider from sliding back during acceleration. Designed to move the rider 1. The compact pads measure 7. Sold in matched pairs. May cover a portion of fuel tank graphics. Check appearance before adhering to tank. Designed to keep the rider cool by reducing the perspiration build-up between you and the seating surface, the Circulator Pad can be installed and removed in seconds for easy cleaning. Does not fit Touring and Trike models. Does not fit with Rider Backrests.

The bag features a clear top pouch for at-a- glance viewing of maps and directions. The rigid body retains its shape — even when empty — and the full-length dual- zippered opening provides easy access. The interior features 2 zippered mesh pouches, 1 quick access nylon pouch and large center cavity for storage of larger items.

Tank Bag features inte- grated rain cover with reflective stripping. Integrated magnets and soft bottom keep the bag secure to tank while prevent- ing scratches to paint. Quick-release clips allow the bag to be removed for easy access to the fuel filler and the comfortable carrying handle makes transportation a breeze.

The bag rests on the passenger pillion and is secured in position with adjustable quick-release straps. The surprisingly roomy bag features 2 exterior side pockets and a large top-opening for access to the interior. The UV-resistant ballistic nylon surface covers the built-in reinforced tub that helps the bag maintain its shape—even when empty. Overnight Bag features 2 zippered exterior pockets and mesh interior pockets.

Dimensions: Luggage capacity: cubic inches. The innovative spandex mounting pocket makes installa- tion and removal a simple process. Just slip the smooth, low-profile band over the passenger backrest for a snug and secure fit and cinch the bag in place with the adjustable mounting straps.

Bag and integrated rain cover feature 3M Scotchlite reflective piping and graphics for added visibility. Day Bag features 2 exterior pockets and 1 zippered mesh inte- rior pocket. Day Bag Dimensions: Does not fit with oversized backrest pad.

The heavy-duty hook-and-loop flaps secure the bag to the sissy bar for one-step installation. And when you get to work, this bag features traditional backpack straps that allow you to carry your bag in hands-free comfort. The bag features plenty of smart storage spaces with glove- friendly, ergonomically contoured zipper pulls. Backpack features 2 zippered exterior pockets, 2 exterior mesh water bottle pockets, personal music device pocket with headphone port, a padded laptop compartment and a large interior space.

Center yoke allows for two-up riding and can double as a shoulder strap when its time to carry the bags. Quick mount system allows rider to attach and detach saddlebags quickly. Kit includes saddlebag supports. The neoprene jacket offers hard-core protection for your portable music device, while the built-in magnets hold the pouch securely to the fuel tank. The clear play-through window permits touch-screen control and the anti-skid inte- rior allows the pouch to accommodate players of various sizes.

The clamshell design makes inserting your player into the pouch quick and easy and the double zipper allows for head- phone and output cables to exit the pouch at any point on top, bottom or one side of the pouch. Works well with many MP3 and other personal music players, but should not be used with hard-disk memory players. Window measurement: 2. Your helmet is held securely in place. In addition, hanging your helmet reduces the risk of impact damage if the helmet slipped off the seat or the handlebar.

Designed to be installed to. Note: Do not use lock when vehicle is in motion. Helmet Lock should only be used when motorcycle is parked and locked. Duplicate keys are not available.

Add your choice of Engine Guard Mounted Highway Pegs sold separately to change your foot position on a long ride. CENTER STAND Lifting your bike upright and off the side stand is ideal for cleaning and servicing and reduces the space required for parking — handy where space is at a premium in a crowded garage, a small parking spot or at a ride-in bike show. The robust gloss black painted center stand attaches directly to the frame and does not reduce the lean angle. Kit includes gloss black center stand, mounting brackets and all neces- sary installation hardware.

They are not made nor intended to provide protection from bodily injury in a collision with another vehicle or any other object. Handlebar height is regulated in many states. Check state or local laws before installation.

The position is help- ful for shorter riders, but also places almost any size rider in an upright, relaxed riding profile. Handlebar Dimensions: Bar Diameter —.

All models require separate purchase of additional installation components. The Edge Cut Collection features a crisp anodized finish that is machined to expose the high- lights of raw aluminum. The contrasting cut back look makes a powerful visual statement and works great with both tradi- tional and contemporary customizing styles.

The Burst Collection takes your ride in a new hard-edged direction. A rich mixture of tuxedo black, satin aluminum and textured rubber, each component in this complete collection seamlessly ties the look together. The Burst Collection components create an impact all by them- selves, but can also be combined with edge cut and other black accessories to complete the look. The precision drilled surfaces bite against the sole of your boot for positive grip and provide the gun barrel look.

This collection features distinc- tive knurled surfaces that expose the raw billet aluminum for a dramatic contrast. This collection features a deep knurled surface for a positive grip and slim black rubber stripes over the chrome finish for stylish contrast. The mirror- chrome finish over the knurled surface scatters light to grab the attention of fellow riders. These components look great next to either chrome or black controls, and help you estab- lish your own customizing direction.

These compact billet mirrors feature glass-smooth domed shells and wet-look black surfaces to reflect a new contemporary style. The mirrors feature a precision machined edge that exposes three bands of satin aluminum for a brilliant contrast, and sleek round stems to keep the mirrors close to the controls for a tight tucked-in profile.

The tapered stems are black-anodized for a rich finish and the slots are machined to expose the raw aluminum and form the final cut back look. The satin black mirror shell complements the Original Equipment hand control finish for a cohesive look.

The tapered mirror and stem are black-coated for a deep luster. The deeply grooved stem and the swept-back design hug the contour of the handlebar and the tribal flames add an element of ancient mystery. Therefore, after installing new mirrors or handlebars, and before operating the motorcycle, check to ensure that the mirrors provide the operator a clear view to the rear.

Easy to install kit includes two press-in fork tube covers and a moon-shape steering stem cover. Complete kit includes left and right die-cast pivot bolt covers and necessary mounting hardware. This easy to install one-piece cover dresses the bike and protects the coolant hoses below the coil cover. Collection features a rich gloss black surface, trimmed with deep-cut silver-filled lettering that surrounds a central groove. The clean design and the luxurious finish are the perfect match for blacked-out engine cases.

This complete collection of engine covers dresses your bike for a true custom look. The mirror finished chrome surface features deep- carved black-filled lettering that surrounds a racetrack groove.

08 Parts & Accessories Catalog ONLINE VERSION

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harley davidson parts and accessories catalog pdf

Parts Catalogs

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Harley Davidson Parts Catalog

Number: Product. We speak english! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. Silas Uhlmannsiek. You can reach him by phone at or by email: SUhlmannsiek stein-dinse. Shipping costs. Delivery times for other countries and information on the calculation of delivery date, can be found here.

Gengras Harely-Davidson. Gengras Harely-Davidson Less. Actual retail prices may vary. Ideal for a cool morning ride, the sleek profile of the Super Sport Windshield hugs the front headlamp for a sporty look. You get quick on-and-off convenience and a clean, custom look. No tools are required and the kit includes everything needed to install the windshield.

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