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Physiotherapy Mcq Questions And Answers Pdf

physiotherapy mcq questions and answers pdf

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The Athletic Trainer makes the final decision as to whether an athlete should return to full competition.

300+ TOP PHYSIOTHERAPY Objective Questions and Answers

Quadriceps B. Hamstrings C. Calves D. Pectorals Ans: A. What is the name of the group of muscles at the BACK of your thigh? Pectorals Ans: B. What are the name of the muscles located at the front of your chest? Biceps B. Deltoids C.

Gluteals D. Pectorals Ans: D. Which group of muscles are found on your back? Rectus abdominis C. Latissimus dorsi D. Pectorals Ans: C. If a physio says you have injured your gluteal muscles, where are these? Neck B. Stomach C. Arm D. Leg Ans: D. What piece of equipment is a physio likely to use to strengthen your core muscles?

Foam roller C. Punchbag D. Resistance tube Ans: A. What piece of equipment may be used to strengthen the ankle and knee following injury? Dumbbells B. Barbell C. Stability disc D. Punchbag Ans: C. Which of these is NOT a piece of physio equipment? Medicine ball C. Kettle Ans: D. To help with injuries, which of the following supports can you buy? Shoulder B. Knee C. Ankle D. All of the above Ans: D. To support joints after injury, what may a physio use? Tape and strapping B. Superglue C. Sellotape D.

All of the above Ans: A. What is a physio likely to give you during a session? Your money back B. Exercise and advice sheets C. Food and drink Ans: B. Which of these is an exercise for the knee? Bicep curl B. Crunch C. Straight leg raise D. Pelvic tilt Ans: C. Which of these is NOT an exercise of the knee? Prone knee bend B.

Calf raises C. Quadriceps tensing D. Crunch Ans: D. Which of the following is an exercise for the back? Arching B.

Bicep curl C. Calf raise Ans: A. Which of the following is NOT an exercise for the back? One leg to chest B. Two legs to chest C. Side bend D. Chin tucks Ans: D. Which of these is a shoulder exercise? Calf raise B.

Arm raise to side C. Heel slide D. None of the above Ans: B. Which of these can be done to exercise the hip? Hip flexor stretch B. Quadriceps stretch C. Hip flexion D. Which of the following is NOt an exercise for the neck? Neck rotation B. Neck side bend C. Neck press D. Chin tuck Ans: C. Which of these exercises may be used for the ankle? Dorsiflexion B. Plantarflexion C. Calf raise D. Which of these would NOT be used to exercise the ankle? Dumbbell B. Resistance band C.

Wobble board D. Stability disc Ans: A. You are likely to see a physio to recover from? Depression B. Illness C. What is the abbreviation used to describe treatment of an exercise injury?

RICP B. RICE C. RICH D. What treatment should you NOT use immediately after an injury, such as an ankle sprain? Rest B. Ice C. Compression D.

Examination Questions and Answers in Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Good luck! If a massage therapist is convicted of sexual abuse of a client, the CMTO discipline committee will publish a report of the offence. Which of the following would be true about the report? A massage therapist has been in practice for the past 5 years and has maintained a level of consistency in her office. The facilities are always clean and the clients are kept up to date about any changes.

physiotherapy mcq questions and answers pdf

npte practice questions pt exam questions npte practice questions free download​. Mark one answer: 1 2 3 4 physiotherapy mcq books pdf free download.

MCQ Questions for Physiotherapists

Pathology What is the science of cells, tissues and organs? Histology The study of the anatomy, physiology, pathology, and chemistry of the cell. Our products are student made, tested and approved. Physiology Multiple Choice Question Bank. You can practice as much as you can to gather knowledge of how to answers Pathology Quiz, each question having four.

A physical therapist is working in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. During the patient's history the patient reports, I tore 3 of my 4 Rotator cuff muscles in the past. Which of the following muscles cannot be considered as possibly being torn? Teres minor B. Teres major C.

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This third edition provides multiple choice questions on human anatomy and physiology, and some biophysical science, separated into 20 chapters and 68 categories.


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