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Role Of External State And Nonstate Actors In Internal Security Pdf

role of external state and nonstate actors in internal security pdf

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Internal Security for Civil Services Main Examinations - GS Paper III by M Karthikeyan

India has a unique neighbourhood. By the way, Since , most of these neighbours actively played a role in favour of India in curbing this menace of insurgency. Here in this discussion we are going to focus on these roles played by different countries. In this first part of the two-part series, we will be talking about the active role played by Pakistani and Chinese establishments in promoting internal crisis in India. And the various instrument created by them to promote terrorism and insurgency to deteriorate internal security situation in India.

External State & Non-State actors in India’s internal Security: Part 1

The current state of matter in the Indian subcontinent is regarded as the culmination of the vast and diverse phases of history of the region along with the geographical location of India. Insurgency, militancy, extremism, terrorism, communal disharmony and various similar antisocial elements have become a bane to our society. As the age-old saying goes- The most dangerous enemy is the enemy within- it holds true for all the cases in India. Internal security is of paramount importance for the welfare and growth of the nation that we have inherited from our forefathers who have sacrificed their well being for our independence. While security of the nation has two factors- internal and external, conventional external threats have almost disappeared and what remains is external influence on internal threats. From the issues pertaining to insurgency in the northeast, the Naxals and the left wing extremists in the peninsula, the militancy and terrorists in the northern states, coastal threats to communal riots, violence, criminal activities and money laundering and counterfeiting; such activities are being carried out by individuals and organisations externally sponsored by international governments as well as independent factions and syndicates. The geographical limitation is not only in the South Asian region but is a worldwide phenomenon.

All the states in the north-eastern region are different from each other because of their ethnic diversity which comprises over scheduled tribes and other tribal or sub tribal communities and groups with predominantly a rural economy. Because of lack of socio-economic development, and central and regional divergence, this region still suffers from a multiplicity of deficits namely deficits related to basic needs, infrastructure, resource allocation and utilisation, governance and above all a deficit of understanding between the region and the rest of the nation. For these reasons, different insurgent groups are still active. It has ties with the Taliban and other radical groups. These groups have recently been involved with the radicalization of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Groups such as the Lashkar-e-Taiba LeT , the Haqqani Network and the Taliban have repeatedly been used by Pakistan as instruments to help it achieve its foreign policy objectives in India and Afghanistan.

With the growing instances of attacks on healthcare workers and police officers, who are engaged in tracking and treating patients suffering from COVID, at least two states, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have booked offenders under the National Security Act. Though the invocation of the National Security Act is necessary under these circumstances, changes must be made so that this law is not exploited by the authorities due to the loopholes that exist within its provisions. Following this episode, the Defence Minister had effectively reduced the already bleak chances of India becoming a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. However, in the current situation, it matters very little for India as it already has the necessary benefits it needs to expand and operate its nuclear programme. This bill, if made into a law, will replace the already existing Unlawful Activity Prevention Act, Ever since its presentation in the lower house, this bill has been a subject of controversy. This bill is considered by some to be draconian in nature.

role of external state and nonstate actors in internal security pdf

Role of External State & Non-State Actors in creating challenge to Internal Security

Role of External State & Non-State Actors in creating challenge to Internal Security

Internal security for any country is of prime importance. If the internal security issues are undertaken effectively, rebellion by the external forces to that extent becomes more difficult. Unfortunately, the rise of quarrelsome politics based on sectarian, ethnic, linguistic or other divisive criteria, is mainly responsible for the many communal and secessionist movements thriving in India.

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Vivek Chadha replies: India's internal security problems are a manifestation of internal weaknesses and external attempts at waging a proxy war. Inadequate socio-economic development, apathy towards the genuine grievances of the people, political brinkmanship amongst other reasons, has created internal contradictions, which have led to over five decades of internal strife. Similarly, a number of internal security challenges faced today are fuelled and controlled from Pakistan. If we divide the internal security challenges into four main groups, to include, Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast India, Left Wing Extremism and Terrorism in the Hinterland, then the first and the last are a direct manifestation of Pakistani influence. It is part of Pakistan's state policy to bleed India through a thousand cuts, given its obvious disadvantages on the conventional war fighting front.

Internal Threats that exist in India

India has been facing challenges on the front of internal security since independence from various state and non-state actors. Politico-social and economic sphere of sovereign state has been controlled by the popular elected government. But peace and security can be disturbed by some external and non-state actor, through various means and ways. Both state and non-state factors from outside have created problems in our internal security framework. Hence while it is imperative to guard our borders and strengthen our diplomacy, on the other hand, we need to check the various non-state actors who come in hidden forms. Challenges posed by them for the Indian internal security: Insurgency: North-East suffers from violent movements based upon ethnic identities leading to clashes.

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